My Love from the Star – Korean Drama

This was the hottest drama in China and Singapore. What popularized it initially was the lead actress Gianna Jun, who was natural and comical. The funny story line captivated all the female audience and we were hooked from episode 1.

Do Min Joon is an alien from another star who has been stuck on Earth for 400 years. He is not the kind of alien one imagines from Hollywood movies, like ET, or like those in Men in Black. He is more like Clerk Kent, or Superman, blessed with the flawless features of aesthetically altered Korean man and without the bulk.

He arrived in Korea in time to save a damsel in distress and was never able to return to his ship. Although in human form, his superpower ability of being able to stop time, teleport, and move things with the blink of an eyes scare the residents of the village and he never really belongs. Besides, he doesn’t age and has to see those close to him die. Thus he avoids close human relationship until he meets Chun Song Yi four hundred years later, when she moves in next door, but by then, he is due home in three months.

In real age, the actress Gianna is older than the actor Kim Soo Hyun by seven years and it shows. Initially, I felt that the actor was too young for the role of a stable, no-nonsense man who finds the antics of the arrogant actress irritating. Credit to Chun Song Yi for acting cute, but never irritatingly so to the audience. In fact, she was a natural whom I found endearing.

Chun Song Yi and Do Min Joon fall in love when Do helps the actress out of various troubles – from attempted murder, to a fall in show business, all with his superpower. When she finds out that he is an alien, instead of being frightened away like all the others, she finds him alluring, until she discovers to her horrors that he doesn’t age and she does; contact with saliva make him sick, and worse of all, he is about to return to his planet soon or he will die.

Like us, the humans in the show have the same stereotypes of aliens based on Hollywood movies. Do Min Joon was offered an index finger as a form of greetings ala E.T., and was asked by another if he can make another lose memory like MiB.

This is a wacky romance and highly entertaining. Of course the question in everyone’s mind is, how would the show end? If he doesn’t go back, will he die? If he doesn’t, he won’t age and she does, what then? Can they procreate since he is allergic to human’s body fluid?

Fortunately or unfortunately, this is a happy ending without answering all the above questions.


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