North @ Venetian Macau 北方馆 Review


I am typing this live at the restaurant as I wait to depart to the airport.

This restaurant was recommended to us by our Macau friends last night. After two days staying at the Venetian,  we have not stepped in to any of the restaurant,  other than MacDonald’s for it’s free Wi-Fi. We thought the price would be exorbitant but as the weather out there is misty or hazy,  we decided to eat in.

This restaurant serves cuisine from Northern and Szechuan province. Our choice of appetizer is drunken chicken.


The cold chicken is soaked in a broth of yellow wine and herbs. The tender pieces of chicken were infused with the aromatic wine. The best I have ever tasted.

Our choice of main is the grilled short ribs and deep fried french beans (四季豆).


The short rib tasted braised rather than grilled. The soft meat fell off the bones and while it was tasty,  wasn’t exactly what I had in mind of grilled meat. The accompanying sauce and pickled carrots had the ma la (numbing spiciness) 麻辣 that I didn’t like.

The French bean was fried with pieces ham and bacon. It was oily and the ma la spice also present.

The best dish was meat buns 小龙包。


I chided my husband Mike for ordering something we can get back home and he replied that different restaurant makes them differently. How right he was. This bun had tender minced meat and when bitten, oozed out a spoonful of delightful broth. The best among all I had tasted in Singapore, Beijing or even Taipei.

The restaurant had free Wi-Fi, which other than MacDonald’s,  can hardly be found anywhere else. The Wi-Fi in the room costs MOP 160 for 24 hours period. Unfortunately,  it doesn’t serve free flow of tea, unheard of in Chinese restaurant in Asia. So we purchased a pot of 越观音iron Buddha tea for MOP60.

We were seated at the counter,  entertained by acrobatic chefs performing their noodle making skills. The red and dark wood decor, coupled with red and back cutlery,  reminds me of a courtesan’s room, perhaps because I am reading The Valley of Amazement by Amy Tan at the moment.

Indeed a beautiful restaurant serving beautiful food.




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