Glo Yoga 2014

DSC_0165 [mike]

I love doing yoga outdoor. The few times I did mass yoga outdoor, I really enjoyed myself. Perhaps it’s the feeling of connecting with nature, with the azure blue above as you do an updog, or the gentle breeze on your hair as you stand and stretch in warrior pose. The novelty of getting a new teacher to guide you through a flow is also one reason for my enjoyment. I never knew there were so many variations of Sun Salutation.

On Sunday, I participated in Glo Yoga 2014, organized by SpiceYoga with a group of friends. As the event is part of the biannual I Light Marina Bay ( festivals, we would be doing yoga by the marina front and be part of the light installations. We were told to wear white or luminous, and decorate ourselves with glow sticks or paints so that we literally glow as we perform our flows.

I was very excited to be part of event, and glad the friends who came along didn’t balk at the price. We have learned that paying for experience is more fulfilling than buying material goods. The anticipation leading to the night filled me with dopamine. I planned my attire, splurging on a neon yellow Nike t-shirt and tubes of glow sticks and hair bands. I was all prepared for the fun.

We arrived at 7pm and I was pleased to see we were located at a deck literally by the edge of the water. There were around 30 participants. We were handed light sticks to decorate but I told the organizer that my group came prepared. As soon as we settled on our mats, we started to decorate ourselves, wearing glow bangles and necklace and headbands.

Ling, our instructor for the night took us through three variations of sun salutations to warm us up.My muscles, all tight after my morning hike at Bukit Timah Hill, needed the stretch. It was awesome doing yoga that night. Across the water, the buildings in the financial district became our backdrop and the view was simply stunning. As we reached our hands up to the night sky for triangle pose, Ling told us to reach for the stars, sparkling like diamonds above. This sure beats looking up at the stained ceiling in my usual yoga studio.

After a breather, it was another three rounds of moon salutations. This moon salutation is different from the moon flow I normally practise in class and this sequence is meant to open up the hips, the tightest joint in my body. As we moved to soothing music, flashes and camera clicks from the audience reminded me that we were in a public performance. In the semi darkness, our clothes were illuminated by the ultra-violet lights, presenting a surreal, albeit eerie movements of figures. The new environment with the new flow presented me an excellent opportunity to be mindful and in the moment as i stretched, twisted, reached and sprawled. (Yes, I can go through my usual yoga flows pondering about lunch menus – a poor yogi I am!)

We ended the yoga with alternate breathing but the night was still young from our refreshed exercise. Groups gathered and started to pose of photos and we gladly posed for the paparazzi I had assembled for this events. My three photographers did a wonderful job capturing the moment and I thank them for the wonderful photos.

DSC_0194 [mike]

I had a wonderful time and look forward to more of these events.


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