LightSeeker – Back stage pass

I was invited by RWS back to view its musical, this time with its new music arrangements and enhancements. I had watched the musical in December with some Malaysian friends (see my review and we all enjoyed the show. So to enjoy an encore with my family was an unexpected surprise, and to have a chance to visit backstage was certainly a bonus.

There were certainly improvements made, and I would like to think the producers took my suggestions to change it. The narration in the beginning of the show was taken away and the change of scene was so much quicker, removing the awkwardness between audience and show. LightSeeker even had a new look, with shorter brown shaggy tresses and a hint of 5’oclock shadows on his jaw, making him more approachable and sexy. Watching the repeated performance did not feel dated. In fact, it was quite refreshing now that I know the story and could instead focus on the acrobats and singing.

After the show, Producer Wendy took us on a tour backstage. The acrobats were taking an early dinner in the lounge/bar before their 8 o’clock performance, complete with thick makeup. Then we were introduced to lead actress Vivienne Carlyle in her private dressing room. She hails from London’s West End and was friendly toward the small crowd of curious visitors eyeing her with awe. She answered our questions (yes, she does her own makeup, and no, doing two shows per day during weekends isn’t tiring at all) with ease of a professional. She gamely obliged photos and even urged those shy ones at the back to come forward for photos.

Ms Vivienne Carlyle as Usha

Ms Vivienne Carlyle as Usha

Unfortunately, we did not get to meet LightSeeker himself Stuart Boother. I had so much wanted to run my fingers down his chest. Oh well! Ms Carlyle was the only lead we saw that day.

Next we went to the gym where the acrobats practice daily. With the tight schedule, sore muscles are inevitable and they have their own in-house physiotherapist to sooth aching muscles.

DSC_8793 (mike)

The tour took us to makeup and hair room, which resemble a salon, completes with hair-washing facilities.

DSC_8830 (mike)

The costumes are made locally and there is an in-house tailor for emergency mending.

DSC_8819 (mike)

Next, we were taken onto the stage, where we have the perspective of the actors on stage looking at the audience. Stage hands were getting the props ready for the evening show and Wendy gave us a brief explanation of how props are moved in an optimized sequence.

DSC_8801 (mike)

The most interesting part of the tour was when we went below the stage, to the lowest point of the whole resort. Hydraulic lifts send the actors via a trap door ascending to the stage, as well as for the rising crystal ball.

Seeing the amount of work behind the scene, one can’t help but appreciate the effort of the creative team comprising Andrea Teo, Executive Producer and Creative Director, Dick Lee, Songwriter, Jonathan Lim, Music Director, Bang Wen Fu, Orchestrator and Arranger. It’s a pity then that a Singaporean production is fronted by a cast of foreign talents, except for Lim Kay Siu, whom we only saw on video.

LightSeeker ends its run on 23 March, so do your part and support local production. It’s wholesome entertainment for the family. Remember, if you want to spend money, spend it on experience rather than material goods, and this is one experience you should not miss.

My thanks to RWS for the this experience.


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