Happy Chinese New Year 恭喜发财


It’s the year of the horse galloping in tomorrow. Just for the fun,  (and wishing it will come true), I am going to be shallow and wish everyone 马上有钱 (‘immediately have money’, but literally translated as money on horse). Note the roll upS$10 bill on my horse.

Not to be out done,  my friend sent me this picture with the same message.

Another sent me this:

Immediately having everything on earth – love,  house, work leave,  money,  even…. breasts.

Here’s wishing everyone the traditional way:  have a Prosperous New Year!


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3 Responses to Happy Chinese New Year 恭喜发财

  1. I don’t get it, why “breasts”? Some people go for breast reduction to look better. And the second picture looks more like a mule with a stack of fifty-dollar notes so it’s more like “祝大家:骡子背上有很多五十块钞票!”

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