Marry Him If You Dare – Korean Drama

In a popular women’s magazine I once read, readers were asked what they would tell their 16-year-old self now, with the benefits and wisdom of hindsight. I often wonder what I would say to my 16-year-old self. I would probably nag at myself for not studying harder, for not trying for a scholarship to go to an overseas university, for not being brave enough…

This romantic comedy is about a 57 year-old woman coming back from the future to the present to warn her present 32-year-old not to marry the same man. She took a huge risk, even at the expense of her life, to try to change the current situation.

Na Mi Rae is working as an operator in a telemarketing company although what she really wants is to be a script writer in a television company that her brother works for. One day, she meets her future self, who tries very hard to prevent Mi Rae from meeting the husband she had married, from preventing an accident to creating opportunities. She tells Mi Rae how to win in a singing contest, in order to go to Jeju to meet the man she wants Mi Rae to marry, the heir to YBS, Park Se Ju.

But apparently, one can never change fate and Mi Rae gets into an accident and meet her future husband, anchor to morning show, Kim Shin. Despite repeated warnings from her future self, the ajumma, Mi Rae falls in love with him. Ajumma warns her that if she doesn’t obey her, someone she loves will die.

Mi Rae finds that she dislikes her future self. She finds her shallow and manipulative. She stubbornly goes on with her own way, and Ajumma Mi Rae has to warn Kim Shin that he cannot marry Mi Rae, and proceeds to tell him of the tragic tales that will happen if he does.

This drama provides food for thoughts for me.

Firstly, we often find ourselves growing older into someone we dislike. How do we prevent ourselves from doing that? I am not talking physically – that cannot be prevented, but character and personality wise. How is it that some people age from a sweet young thing into a horrible old lady?

We often think we are wiser with hindsight. But given the choice, we would still make the best choice we know at that moment. For hindsight are but mistakes that makes us grow wiser. In this case, emotions are stronger than hindsight and often wins.

Marry him if you dare, ajumma warns. And will she? we are not clear at the ending, except that we know the person who is supposed to die didn’t. So can we really change the future? The drama isn’t too clear at the end.





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