Collin’s Grill.Bento – review


Does the above dish look appetizing? Would you believe that this Grilled Prime Sirloin cost only S$9.50? The 12mm steak comes with pesto spaghetti, corn and a generous serving of Romaine lettuce. Granted, the sirloin was tough, but that’s inherent of sirloin, nothing to do with the cooking. The medium doneness that I requested was just perfect, better than in many expensive steakhouses, which often get it wrong.

I discovered this stall (yes, not even restaurant) located at a corner kopitiam when I visited SPH office at Toa Payoh. (Address Blk 203, Toa Payoh North #01-1097) and the boys requested dinner. I packed home and they were surprised at the amount of food. So last Sunday, I decided to take my family there. They could order western grills while I order Japanese. Mike could have his Ramen. All this from a single stall.

Ivan ordered the mixed grill. ($10.90). There was a sausage, pork chop, chicken chop and the usual accompaniment of pesto spaghetti, corn and salad. He would have preferred beef and lamb for the choice of meats. Unfortunately, it wasn’t on the menu.


My mother, to my surprised, chose to have the chicken chop and prawn ((S$7.50) instead of the Japanese bento. Her appetite seems to be unusually good as she added a side order of extra Caesar salad (S$3.50).


The Caesar salad was authentic, with the correct use of Romaine lettuce, eggs and coutons. We all shared the huge bowl.


I decided on my favourite Pork Shogoyaki Bento. The thin slices of belly pork cooked in ginger sauce was just as how I like it in my other Japanese restaurant.


Aaron ordered steak and prawn and the large tiger prawns were succulent. The boys wanted mushroom soup ($2.00 per bowl) and I thought the soup didn’t taste like it came from a can.

On a separate note, some people wonder why I bother with writing reviews. I do so mainly so that I can practise my writing. But my lecturer on Morality, Prof Paul Bloom from Yale University describes it better. He said:

I wouldn’t want to call that compassion, but there’s a lot of what seems very clearly to be compassion and, and one example of this is sites with reviews. I’m thinking of Amazon and TripAdvisor, Travelocity, Yelp. These are sites that describe things like books, or products or restaurants, and then people come in and they, and they review them. And they tell you what they think of them.

So I was looking for a bookshelf the other day, and I went online, and I found this. And it’s a ladder shelf, and I’m going to buy it, because over a thousand people have commented on it and most of them say nice things about it. And, now some of these people may be motivated by gratitude in some way. When there is a negative review, you could say is revenge or vengeance. But for most part, people are going on to say, oh, I really like this show and what they’re telling you is, they are, they are doing something for you. They are doing you a favor, but they don’t know you. And this is altruism for the strangers, and it’s a, it’s an extraordinarily interesting fact about human nature. 

I like to think I am altruistic in sharing my reviews with you. Do you agree?


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