Twinkle Twinkle – Korean Drama

I usually don’t catch the 7pm Korean drama on Channel U, as it is often long and I am usually on my way home from dinner. But this family drama caught my attention because of the leads Kim Suk Hoon and Kim Hyun Joo. Their characters in drama – Song Seung-joon and Han Jung-won are so cute as a couple I decided to watch all 54 episodes on the internet, despite the fact that my Morality course on Coursera has just started and my goals to finish editing my books, straining my back while sitting in front of the pc for a few hours every day.

Han Jung-won is the daughter of a publishing company with dreams of taking over her father’s company. She is the apple of her parents’ eye – optimistic, cheerful, spunky, humble and hardworking. A new editor, Song Seung-joon, is employed when the old editor got pregnant and resigned. He is a stern and serious man of 37 years old, and takes everything very seriously. But like everyone else, he can’t helped but be charmed by Jung-won.

Hwang Geum-ran grows up in a poor household consisting of a gambler father, her poor suffering mother, an older sister and her family, and a younger sister. She is exasperated by her life and the repeated trouble caused by her father’s gambling problem. She gets jilted by her boyfriend, who has set his eyes on publishing heiress Jung-won. In her despair, she meets Seung-joon, who treats her kindly and she falls for him. By chance, she discovers that she is not her parents’ daughter. On further investigation, she finds that she and Jung-won have been switched and birth and sets off to reclaim her life back from Jung-won. The kind-hearted Jung-won willingly gives up her position in the Han household to go to live in the Hwang’s house when she learns that her birth mother is going blind.

Now living in Han’s house, Geum-ran finds that she is still losing out to Jung-won – Jung-won is popular with everyone, from colleagues to the everyone in Han’s household. She tries hard to make Jung-won look bad but it backfires every time. Her last straw comes when she sees love blossoming between Jung-won and Seung-joon. She gets close to Seung-joon’s mother and learns the secret behind that family.

Unlike other Korean dramas about two women fighting, this drama is more realistic as we don’t see the bad woman winning all the time. Instead, Jung-won never once runs away because she is overly kind. So we see an even match, with the man as the bystander, looking helplessly on.

The romance between Seung-joon and Jung-won reminds me of why I was so addicted to Mills and Boons in my youth. They are constantly bickering and you see he is helpless although he tries hard not to be attracted by her. He is buffed when she confesses to him, unsure of what to do. They try to keep their romance from the colleagues, who mistakenly thinks that they are enemies as they are always quarreling. He is the most unromantic man around. When he suggests that they might as well get married, she chides him and tells him to do it better next time. So the next time, he hides the ring in her lunch tray at the cafeteria and she makes him go on one banded knee before she accepts the ring. In front of everyone, embarrassed and clearly flustered, he kneels and asks if she is satisfied and she nods blankly, surprised that he actually did it. Then they pretend to be on the floor to search for something.

Song Seung-joon is the typical M&B man coming alive on screen and I find myself drooling over him.  Although appearing strong and steady, he tears up easily when he sees his love being hurt. A man of few words, he speaks through his eyes. He is sheepish when confronted, hard when needed, but he never wavers, and as an audience, I can’t felt falling for him too.

Sigh….I shall miss him now that the show is over.





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