The Good Wife 親愛的-我愛上別人了 Taiwanese Drama

I am not a fan of Taiwanese drama, idol or otherwise. I would say I watched this Taiwanese drama because of actress 天心 whom I last watched  in the drama My Perfect Man (read review Also, the positive review from Straits’ Times reviewer on Mediacorp actor Christopher Lee’s performance in the drama also nudged me into squeezing precious time away from Korean dramas to follow the 15 episodes.

The English titles The Good Wife, is totally different from the Chinese titles 親愛的-我愛上別人(Dearest, I have fallen in love with someone else), although both are just as applicable to the drama. The heartwarming drama brings out the best from both the leads. They are restraint in their acting, yet the emotion and pain that flash across their expression endear them to the audience.

Shao-wen and Yi-zhen were architectural school mates who fell in love and got married seven years ago. He comes from a rich family and his father wants him to take over the construction firm while he enters politics. She gives up a dream career after a miscarriage to be a homemaker but another miscarriage leads her to bookstore owner Shang-en. Through Shang-en, she realizes that he is the only one that truly understands her and accepts her unconditionally, without the same high expectation from her husband.

It’s Yi-zhen’s habit to write a diary every night before bedtime, which she starts off as Dearest…, a way of communicating with Shao-wen her thoughts, which she doesn’t have any opportunity to do in her neglected state.

Yi-zhen decides to return to the workforce, much to the disapproval of her in-laws. Her relationship to Shang-en is discovered and she requests a divorce. Then she discovers that she is pregnant and decides to return to Shao-wen and his domineering parents. His parents want a DNA proof that the child is Shao-wen’s and advise Shao-wen to keep the child and let Yi-zhen go. Shao-wen then makes the biggest scarifies a man can make to the woman he loves.

The Good Wife describes how a good wife should be, fertile, docile and obedient to the in-laws, something Yi-zhen tries hard but never really succeeds. Yet this show can also be called The Good Husband, for the unselfish love that Shao-wen shows to Yi-zhen can really teach men what real love is. Watching this makes me sympathize more with the husband.

On a lighter note, this show has the most obvious product placement for Vaseline Intensive Care. It commences more airtime than many of the other co-actors. In fact, in the last episode where Shao-wen goes to Watson to buy Vaseline and recalls his time with Yi-Zhen is a commercial advertisement itself.

I watched the drama on PPS which runs an after-filming sequence after every episodes, which shows the actors jesting around. While it was fun to watch, it brought about the reality that this is just a drama and the actors are just acting, which spoils the effect of the show for me.


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5 Responses to The Good Wife 親愛的-我愛上別人了 Taiwanese Drama

  1. yousri abdellatif says:

    Good husband is the fair address for this drama because this wife could not said to be a good wife . she makes many mistakes while on the other hand the husband struggles to keep the marriage but she does not beside she was very selfish thinking about her self and ignore the pain for her husband who tries many times to keep her back and I believe if she is really a good wife she can do it honestly I can say she is a cheating wife especially when starts to lie .
    An Egyptian viewer ( a man)

    • vickychong says:

      It’s really interesting to read the views from a man, especially one that is from what I consider a macho-istic society. Thank you for commenting. What makes you follow what local men would consider a woman’s soap opera in a foreign language? That’s what I find intriguing.

  2. yousri abdellatif says:

    First thanks for the reply , second I initially apologize for my poor English . The very and highly beginning of this drama was the main reason which makes me follow it until the end,the English translation helps ,besides I already like Romance drama.
    I believe starting year 2000 and the spread out of the Internet makes people all over the world very close , they become like what I say internationally educated especially at this kind of life activity (the relation between the man and the woman)
    About saying that woman is not a good woman because in my opinion there is a big difference
    between Love and Marriage , In Love each of the partner may have its own dreams (it was clear in the drama the relation between girlfriend and boyfriend), but In Marriage there should be what I call it the Family Dreams because once they become a husband and a wife actually they become one unite even when they change by the time they should change together ,and I believe in there is many ways help both of them continue accepting each others besides making other friendships without crossing the boundaries . I have many thoughts about this drama but because of my poor English I may continue when I can arrange them


  3. Annette says:

    Hmm Interesting reading the other comments. Both partners have dreams for themselves. It’s a shame she didn’t follow her dreams and kept them inside. Sometimes we don’t realize how much resentment and upset we have. Imagine she worked hard in school came in first in the contest, yet her husband came in second and was accepted as the winner. Whether we acknowledge it or not there must be a lot of resentment in having to live in the shadow of her husband. For an architect that skilled to give up her dream on something she loves doing is a lot of ask. Her husband realizes she has made a big sacrifice. It is also what drives him to be better, he has this need to prove himself.

    I feel when we get married we both have dreams. Communication is key, constantly talking about our dreams and working it out. Family dreams are important because it includes everyone, the husband and wife, and also any children and in-laws. Whether we realize it or not we are all selfish. You need to be selfish to survive. Also as human beings be need to connect, and communicate with each other and truly be heard. It’s not all about sex, and having a trophy wife to trot out for award shows. The way his wife was living she might as well have stayed with her parents. We either reach out for connection or either take drugs, have affairs or some commit suicide. There was no reason why she couldn’t have worked in some capacity as an architect even if it was difficult on her dreams. Having kids was just not all her spirit wanted to do. Someone so skilled not sharing their gifts with the world is such a great loss.

    Some make is sound so simple it’s about adultery and cheating. It’s about communicating and what it takes to sustain a good relationship. When I saw that she gave up her dream I just didn’t think the relationship would work. Sometimes you can go along with it, but it kills a part of you, its an indication it’s time to move on from that relationship. The world is changing and some are fighting it tooth and nail yet it will change best to adjust yourself. I hope to see more women architects take their place. I would rather that than her developing cancer, or some other disease that eats at her body.

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