All About My Romance – Korean Drama

This is the funniest romantic comedy I have seen in a long time and credit must go to the two really funny leads.

Shin Ha-kyun, as Kim Soo-young, looks ridiculous in his long sweeping fringe. Actors or actress for that matter,  with ugly hairdos, are a particular trait with Korean dramas, rarely seen in other countries. When I first watched Korean dramas, I wondered about the ugliness of the leads, which makes the dramas all the more intriguing when you enjoy the show despite the ugliness of the leads.

See examples: Oh Ji Ho in Queen of Office.

Choi Jin-sil in The Last Scandals.

Here, Shin Ha-kun looks adorable with his long hair and pretty smile, and I was sorry when he cut his hair after breaking up. He is so unself-conscious that he has no qualms about stripping despite the lack of buff and six-packs. The scene in which her lips made contact with his naked body was so funny I never laughed so hard in a long time.

Kin Soo-young is an assemblyman from the conservative party. Unknown to many, he is the illegitimate son of the party’s head. He is stubborn, proud, with a perpetual smirk on his face.

Noh Min-young is an assemblywoman for the Progressive Labor Party. She joined the world of politics after her older sister, a former presidential candidate, passed away. The two are opposing members are always at logger’s head. In one instant, Min-young was witnessed by the media to hit Soo-young with a fire extinguisher in her attempt to open a locked room, which fuel the public’s perception that they are each other’s enemies.

Min-young is the legal guardian to her late sister’s daughter. She had been secretly in love with her aid, prosecutor Song Joon-ha, whose brother was married to Min-young’s sister. Together, they raise the little girl.

Due to various circumstances, Min-young and Soo-young are often thrown together in awkward circumstances and they eventually fall in love, but has to keep their love from public eyes because of their political affiliation. They steal secret moments in stairwells, timing their hugs for five minutes before parting reluctantly and going back to their respective roles in public.

These two adorable leads are what made the show a success. Don’t miss it.



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