Bumbu Restaurant @ Farrer Road

This is the second outlet for the Thai-Indo restaurant. While the other restaurant in town in often full, this one was empty when our party of ten arrived without reservation. My brother discovered this Halal restaurant while trying to find a nice eatery to treat some friends from Brunei.

I must confess I was worried as I know these restaurants often serve small portions and my boys are huge eaters. I cannot fathom why they have big tables for ten and yet do not cater for the portion appropriately. Ditto for this. We thus made do by ordering variety.

My brother was quick to pick the menu. His recommendation of seafood egg salad and deep-fried kangkong salad were quickly polished away by just one full turn of the lazy Suzie. Chunks of seafood and garnishes topped a deep-fried sunny side with some fish sauce. The oozing yolk and seafood combination was delightful. Unfortunately the plate was empty before I could shoot any photo. Deep fried Kang kong was crunchy and dressed in chili padi, mini shrimps. Yummy.

Because my brother is trying to be a vegetarian, he ordered another saute kangkong.

Ordering tauhu teloh (tofu omelet ) is a must in Indonesian restaurant. In this case, instead of a huge towering tauhu encased in eggs, this one is cubed tauhu wrapped in omelet and drizzled with kechap manis, garnished with raw carrots and cucumbers. The crunch of the cool veggies combines well with the soft tofu.


My boys couldn’t resist Thai green curry chicken. The small serving was just enough for them.


The lemon steamed sea bass was more sourish than most I have tried, but the fish was fresh and well steamed.


Even though there were unlimited servings of white rice, we wanted to try the olive fried rice. Let’s say it’s forgettable.



The restaurant has a range of kuehs (steamed cakes) and Thai desserts. I chose the sago gula meleka and mom chose the chendo. Again, it was nothing great. (Try gula meleka at Wishbone@Bukit Timah Plaza! )

The restaurant was nicely decorated with antiques, and two tables had displays of stamps and first day covers, as well as local memorabilia.

Overall, the bill came to about $120, including drinks like lemongrass, chin chow, and lime juice. Not too bad.


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