Goodbye 2013

Last day of the year. It brings on the melancholy in me. Another year older. What have I done in 2013 that was significant? Nothing anyone would notice. Regrets…I have a few, but then again, too few to mention….


Someone shared this on Facebook and I thought,  how apt that this photo should appear now to remind me that I have done not too badly this year to improve myself. (I know,  confirmation bias.) I didn’t set goals for myself last year and thus cannot do any measurements, which I shall correct when I sit my boys down this week for some reflections and goal settings. 

I deserve a pat on the back for the following:

1) I became a student again, embarking on a few Coursera (MOOC) classes which improved my critical thinking. The mostly humanity classes in literature, philosophy and psychology had  enriched my life.

2) Spiritually,  my perseverance in meditation is ongoing, with the journey getting easier with an appropriate apps on my  iphone and a comfortable zafu my hubby gave me for birthday.

3) Socially,  I met new people and made new friends. The project with MSF allowed me to mingle professionally with people at work. I finally met face to face with a Facebook friend, and a birthday treat to KL rewarded me with more friendships.

4) Health wise, I have settled in my regime of yoga coupled with thrice weekly runs. I am still contemplating doing a Marathon for my 50th birthday, which is just two years away.

5) My writing is progressing slowly and I look forward to an article that was just sold. (To be published in January.) On a positive note, I managed to edit and saw an actual hard copy of my book in print. Now to get that marketed this year. Until I can self-sustain on my writer’s income,  I cannot be satisfied.

6) As I mature, I would like to think my temperament has improved. My two oldest think I am too lenient with their youngest brother, perhaps because I shout less. One would think my parenting skills had improved, that instead of resorting to threats,  I used for positive psychology….  if only that is the case. I smile as I read the FB posts from my younger cousin as she gripes and complains about things from the mundane to the government,  and see my mid-thirties self in  her now, Then I realize,  I did grow up.

On the whole,  2013 had been a good year. I visited the places I had wanted to see,  reaffirmed my 25 years marriage, read the books on my list, met a few inspiring writers,  watched many good Korean dramas and enjoyed delicious food in the company of my love ones.

If this post had started out pensive, it’s ending on a sanguine note, because you will be getting an improved version of this writer tomorrow… next year… 2014.

Happy New Year Everyone!

(Photo credit from Living The Law of Attraction/ The Secret Facebook page. )

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