The Strange Housekeeper

A woman discovered that her husband was having an affair and was preparing to leave her and their four children. She commits suicide.

A housekeeper comes, Bok Nyeo, dressed in a cap and grey windbreaker. LIKE a robot,  she doesn’t smile and will do everything on command,  even kill. If it’s an order, she obeys. Despite all her ecsentricity, she helps the children overcome their problems of teenage love, school bullies,  goals and the void of  a motherless childhood for the youngest, Hye Gyul, 5.

When the family starts settling down in domestic bliss, the kids find a strange note in their letter box, hinting that their housekeeper might be a murderer.

They soon learn about the sad story of how Bok Nyeo  lost her husband and son in a fire, started by a man obsessed by Bok Nyeo. Her mother-in-law blames her for their deaths and forbids her ever to smile. The man then returns to haunt her with a different identity.

Will she leave the family in order to protect them from the same disaster that had befell her family? Will the family make her smile again?

The initial episodes reminded me of another drama about superwoman, where nothing fazes the woman and she has all the tools to solve whatever problems. (

Choi Ji Woo, famous for her role in Winter Sonata,  at last plays her age as an ajumma in this drama, which the script writers can’t helped but had written  her as beautiful and attractive to the men in the drama. I guess, she is still a huge star, even if acting as a strange housekeeper.


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