Secret Love – Korean Drama

At 16 episodes, Secret Love returns to the aged old formula valued by script writers – Rich man falls for poor unfortunate woman while his rich fiancé plots to take him back. Everything bad that can happened to a woman befalls poor Yoo-Jung.

Yoo-Jung is the lovely daughter of a baker and has a prosecutor boyfriend, An Do-Hoon. On the night he proposes, they meet with an accident. He discovers the body of a woman their car has hit but chooses instead to drive away, keeping Yoo-Jung in the blind. When she sends the car for repair, she is arrested for hit and run. To protect the man she loves, she confesses to being the driver, gets prosecuted by her own fiancé and is sent to jail.

In jail, she learns that she is pregnant and gives birth to a son. Her father suffers from dementia and while initially An Do-Hoon helps look after him, her father tells An Do-Hoon that he knows An Do-Hoon was the driver. Panic, An Do-Hoon leaves him at a deserted road and he dies.

Meanwhile, the boyfriend of the girl who has died in an accident, rich heir to K-group, Jo Min-Hyuk vows to revenge his girlfriend death by making Yoo-Jung’s life miserable in jail and out. He sees Joo-jung and Do Hoon together and gets suspicious to their relationship.

Yoo-Jung is accused to abusing her son and her son is taken away. She is devastated. On her release, she learns that her son has passed away from an illness. Despite her grief from losing her father and her son, she does not regret helping Do Hoon but they agree they can’t be together. She is stalked by Min-Hyuk and believes that he is the reason why she cannot get a job.

Min-Hyuk’s fiancé, Shin Se-Yeon, is jealous that he is spending so much time and effort pursuing his revenge on Yoo-Jung. As expected, he falls for Yoo-Jung’s resilience, courage and kindness. She learns later that her setback is caused not by Min-Hyuk but by Do Hoon, who is afraid that she will cost him his career.

Despite the predictable plot, I wasn’t sure the ending was what I had hoped for. Korean script writers have this tendency to twist the ending but phew! it’s a good ending, although a little too neatly, if I may say so. An Do Hoon and Shin Ye Yeon suddenly have a change of heart and become good? One confesses to his crime and the other withdraws from the love triangle, due to reasons I find too trivial after all they have done.

Also, Min-hyuk ‘s PA must be the best In the world. He could find out any information requested of him. A little too convenient to the story.

All four actors are good looking, believable in their character and in almost episode, one or two are often in tears. The audience can almost see An Do Hoon change from a boyish youngster to a vicious villain. Yoo-Jung, on the other hand, tries too hard to be pretty. On the day she is released from jail, her chestnut hair is so well dyed it’s unbelievable she came from prison instead of the hair salon. Poor Shin Se-Yeon, the very tall actress towers over all the other actors that she can only wear flats and slouches whenever she is with the men.

For your information, the scriptwriter Choi Ho-Chul is Winner of the “Excellence Award” at KBS One-Act Play Script Contest in 2012 for “Secret Love”. Not too bad for a first timer.


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