Khareyana Spa in KL, Malaysia

In the November 2013 issue of O Magazine, there is this little snippet of advice on how to give a massage. Patricia Coe, Massage Therapy Clinic Supervisor from National University of Healing Sciences stated that, ‘The key is to be consistent in pacing and flow, maintaining contact at all times – don’t forget to keep pressure on the return strokes.’

Reading this reminded me of the wonderful spa session my friend treated me to during my extravagant birthday bash trip to KL in October, sponsored by her. (Thanks LK!)

I have been to many different types of massages all over the world, from soothing aromatherapy massage to torturing tui-na. My personal favourite is Javanese massage but there are a few mixed/rojak massages that I have enjoyed as well. One of the best massages I had was by this lady in a sleezy basement of Plaza Hotel in KL. The ‘health club’ reception was manned by three middle-aged men and my masseuse came in, removed her jacket to reveal her sexy negligee underneath. She was as surprised to find a lady client as much as I was surprised at her outfit but her massage was heavenly. I don’t usually like Thai massages but this one time I was massaged by a man was the best I had, very unexpected since the massage centre was at the top floor of a deserted shopping mall in Bangkok. My favourite local masseuses are Maria from Javanese Massage at Jalan Jurong Kachil and Irene from Passage Lifestyle at Cecil Street.

Khareyana Spa is located at 36, Jalan Selangor, PJ, Malaysia. The spa is decorated in a Balinese style architecture, with no details spared, from the ponds surrounding the house, to the individual rooms that are housed around a central courtyard pond.

The spa menu was extensive, and I was aware of the high price (RM200 – 300+) that comes with this exclusive place, although my friend kept assuring me it’s market rate. In the end, we chose a package on offer, a papaya scrub followed by massage. The three of us (with another friend) were asked how we like the pressure and was assigned masseuse accordingly. I wanted a soft touch but my masseuse was the heaviest one. (You can never tell.) The owner, a flamboyant woman in a long gown chatted with us, assuring us of good service and quality products when we bulked at the price.

LK and I shared a couple room, leaving the available single room to our shy friend. LK gathered that since we had already seen it all during our onsen in Hokkaido, I wouldn’t mind.

The scrub wasn’t really a scrub but a gommage. The masseuse first apply the gommage in massaging strokes onto my body, and then gently rubbed off the moist layer of cake, leaving a smooth surface. I use Clarins’ facial gommage and know it leaves a better effect that scrubs. While we showered off in the attached bath (in turn), the ladies clear the beds. The only problem is the dust left on the floor, which must be difficult to clean.

The massage was all that I had hoped for, right pressure at the right part, and with slow easy strokes back and forth in olive oil. (Which ironically reminds me of a Chinese working at the Javanese Massage who had massaged me like she was scrubbing clothes on a washboard, as I could almost hear her counting under her rapid breaths, 1,2,3,4,5….)

A thunderstorm came while we were having our massage. As we dressed, we wondered how to get into the main building but as we opened our door, we found two umbrellas resting against the wall. The kois were swimming happily in the rain as we carefully traversed on the stepping-stones on the pond to the main lobby.

Hot ginger tea awaited us in the lounge. We were told the masseuses were from Indonesia. Their skills certainly showed that.

I had such a great time at the spa I thought I must share. Do give it a visit the next time you are in KL.





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