Master’s Sun – Korean Drama

This show was highly recommended by Straits Times’ reviewer and I couldn’t wait to watch it on SBS, now that’s it has a separate channel with English subtitle channel on Starhub (hooray!). I have missed many good SBS dramas previously because of lack of English subtitles so this channel came at a good time.

My cousin studying in US had an earlier telecast than the Asian audience and was gushing about how good the show was. When it first premiered, I wasn’t quite sure I like it. The romantic comedy was more horror than romance. Watching at night alone is quite frightening as the show makes use of tactics often seen in horror movies, the sudden ghostly appearance of a disfigured face when least expected.

Tae Gong‑shil or Tae Yang (Sun) discovers that she can see dead people, yes, like in the movie Sixth Sense, after emerging from a three-year coma. This skill affects her daily life and she has problems getting jobs and boyfriends, as she often jumps for no reasons and perceived to be talking to herself when she is actually conversing with the ghosts, most of them in various state of decomposition.

Then one day, she meets the dashing Joo Jоong‑won and discovers that like a he is the shelter she has been looking for. The ghosts disappear whenever she touches him. He thinks she is trying to seduce him but she assures him he is just her shelter. And like a hero to a damsel in distress, he rushes to her rescue when death is around, like in an accident scene, against his own intention.

Every episode makes full use of Tae Yang’s special intervention as the couple help the ghosts to fulfill their final wishes before they journey to their final destination, as clouds disappearing into sky. The various ghostly encounters lead Tae Yang into solving Joo Jоong‑won’s mysterious loss of literacy after his girlfriend accidental death.

The dialogues are witty and the chemistry between the leads help save the otherwise incredulous script. Some episodes are touching enough to bring forth a tear or two because of the ghosts’ sad pasts rather than the protagonists relationship trouble, although the near death experience of Joo Joong Won did bring a scare but we know he won’t die so early in the episode. After a while, some ghosts become quite friendly with Tae Yang and even endearing to the audience, such that even with the appearance of a new ghost, the novelty ends. I know I stop being frightened alone in a dark deserted toilet after watching the show. For what I learn from the show, most ghosts are harmless.

Hope you enjoy watching it.


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