Enough Said – Movie Review

It’s been a while since I have been to a movie with Bee. Since my youngest Aaron was away to Taiwan for a school exchange program last week, I thought I would have plenty of opportunities, but time just flew by and before I knew it, Aaron was coming home. So last night, just before heading to the airport to pick him, Bee and I grabbed this show.

We have seen many movies about young people falling in love, how initially awkward they were, the first date, the first kiss. This movie is about how middle aged couple fall in love, complete with awkwardness, first date and first sex.

Eva is a divorced single mother with a daughter about to leave home for college. She works as a masseur who makes house visits. She goes to a party and meets Albert, and unbeknown to them, also meets Albert’s ex-wife Cynthia. Cynthia, a poet, engages Eva’s services and they get along very well. During the massages, Cynthia gripes about how obnoxious her  ex-husband is. Meanwhile, Albert calls Eva for a date and they find that they have a lot in common, other than both having a daughter going away to college, they share the same sense of humour. Eva soon finds out the relationship between Albert and Cynthia. She is not unaffected by Cynthia’s comments about her husband and soon gets irritated by all the faults of Albert which are highlighted by Cynthia. Their relationship suffers and one day, Albert finds Eva in Cynthia’s house and put two and two together.

Albert accuses Eva of allowing Cynthia to poison their relationship, but Cynthia’s excuse is that she was protecting herself from another doomed relationship.

As expected, the movie is full of dialogues, and I am often amazed at how liberal Americans are when it comes to sex, as portrayed in movies. In one scene, Eva encourages her daughter’s friend to lose her virginity and gets it over with, much to the angst of the other mother. She herself sleeps with the man on the second date.

I found the movie slow going and the dialogues not as witty as in British movies. It’s no wonder a couple got up and left mid-way. I usually enjoy Australian actress Toni Collette’s performance, in this case, as Eva’s best friend, but unfortunately, her role was nondescript. I had expected Bee to complain after the movie (I picked the movie) but she said she enjoyed the show.

Well, I didn’t. Enough Said.


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