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Master’s Sun – Korean Drama

This show was highly recommended by Straits Times’ reviewer and I couldn’t wait to watch it on SBS, now that’s it has a separate channel with English subtitle channel on Starhub (hooray!). I have missed many good SBS dramas previously … Continue reading

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Good Doctor – Korean Drama

There are some days when I have a writing dry spell. There is just nothing to write and nothing to review. Then there are days when the amount to write pours in (the weather kind of reflects my writing pattern, like the … Continue reading

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Restaurant Ember : Great food for that special occasion

Every year nearing my birthday month of November is a time for feasting for me. I am swarmed by invitations to catch up for meals by friends and relatives that I am overwhelmed by their generosity to splurge and binge. What’s great about … Continue reading

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Enough Said – Movie Review

It’s been a while since I have been to a movie with Bee. Since my youngest Aaron was away to Taiwan for a school exchange program last week, I thought I would have plenty of opportunities, but time just flew … Continue reading

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Hairy Crabs at Wàn Hé Lóu 萬合樓

Hairy crab season falls around my birthday, during the period of late October and early November. I get to eat it as part of my annual birthday celebration. Other than my husband who loves it, another friend, SF, also enjoys … Continue reading

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Human Croquet by Kate Atkinson

This is a story of Isobel, and it starts way before she was born, when the first living things were forming. The beginning  chapter continues to describe how her forefathers, the Fairfax, settles in the village, with roads that are … Continue reading

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