Sharing Sorrows

As far as I can, I try to post positive comments on my Facebook page. However, once in a while, or perhaps often enough, things get a little over bearing and I will let it all out – mostly about bad services or my son’s behaviors.

Last week, I received a call from Aaron’s German teacher and I was very agitated after. Aaron made it clear through his actions that he wants to drop German and in his case, his action was louder than words. I was very disappointed, sad even at his behavior and wrote a statement online.

Immediately, my Aunt E telephoned. After hearing me out, she told me to keep my cool and leave him alone. It was easy to leave him alone as I had a dinner engagement with a good friend and left shortly after. We hadn’t met each other for some time and spent many hours catching up, each pouring out our sorrows and problems which only close friends do, as if comparing our lives like this would make us feel better. It did. Sharing really does heal.

The next day, a friend LK from KL, whether it’s because she read my FB or just telepathy, messaged me to try to persuade me to go over to chill out with her, promising me all the good food in Ipoh and even Penang, mountain hikes etc. I could even watch Korean dramas all day if I wanted to at her house.

As soon as that ended, another friend T called from Kedah. She had returned to her home town more than a year ago after almost twenty years in Singapore. It was lunch time at work but she was worried about her friends she left behind in Singapore. She would try to come over during the Haji week, she promised.

My sister called from Germany and we exchanged two hours of domestic misery. We couldn’t believe the trouble our kids bring to us. We were very sure my mother never had to deal with any teachers or that we gave her any sleepless nights. But it was great to talk and share.

The next day, a friend whose only Facebook activity is to observe her sons’ and friends’ postings called. She had just saw my post and was concerned. Her son is a year older in the same school as Aaron. We were school mates and share the same parenting values. She agreed to come over to do some sharing with Aaron over the weekend and made me promise to be calm as exams are around the corner.

With my husband away last week, I felt so blessed to have all the support around me. I kept my cool and calm, despite the turbulent emotions inside. My friend came and gave Aaron a two-hour talk. We are not sure if he’ll improve but we are hopeful.

Mike texted me from China before his flight and asked, ‘Everything OK at home?’ I could have poured everything out and let him feel guilty for making me a single parent at this trying time. But I replied, ‘All ok. See you at the airport.’




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