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Shin Yuu Japanese Restaurant – A review

Last week was my friend, Bee’s birthday. We had a date to celebrate and she chose to have Japanese since she’ll be taking me for Western food for my birthday in two weeks. My favourite restaurant Ikoi at Miramar Hotel was … Continue reading

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红鸾星动 Incredible Rumour – Movie Review

I apologise for doing a movie review for an old movie which probably would not get shown for a long while. This Cantonese classic, starring Chan Po-Chu陈宝珠 and Lui Kay吕奇, played at the National Museum Singapore Cinematheque as part of ‘The Story … Continue reading

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GOOD? BAD? WHO KNOWS? by Ajahn Brahm

This is the sequel to Opening the Door of Your Heart and contains numerous anecdotes, 108 to be exact, many of which I had heard from Ajahn Brahm’s talks, thus it was nice to have a written record of because they are often very … Continue reading

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Social Psychological Class with Coursera

I have just completed 6 weeks of Social Psychology class with University of Wesleyan, conducted by Professor Scott Plous. It was one of the most enlightening and entertaining class I have attended. I know, I say that for almost all the classes I had signed … Continue reading

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One Good Turn by Kate Atkinson

I apologise. I got it all wrong. This IS the second book AFTER Case Histories starring Jackson Brodie. This book is set against the Edinburgh Arts Festival, and describes the on-going relationship between Julia and Jackson. Julia (an actress) is here … Continue reading

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Out of my Comfort Zone

My good friend from KL was seconded to Singapore for six months by her company and during her stay in Singapore, I hardly meet up with her. Her working hours are long and the only available time to meet is on … Continue reading

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Sharing Sorrows

As far as I can, I try to post positive comments on my Facebook page. However, once in a while, or perhaps often enough, things get a little over bearing and I will let it all out – mostly about … Continue reading

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