Tonny Restaurant – A lip-smacking review

Straits’ Times journalist Tan Hsueh Yun’s review of this restaurant was highly positive and I decided to bring my sister here for some sampling during her visit to Singapore in August.

The restaurant, although situated in a shop house in Geylang, is located away from the buzz at the outskirt, and has a HDB multi-storey parking lot next to it, making it highly convenient. The simple, nondescript décor belies the menus.

We knew exactly what to order by looking through Hsueh’s Facebook page. There were a few appetizers recommended. Now, in Chinese cooking, we traditionally do not call it appetizers. These food were typically served first, either because they are chilled, or that they are a form of snack.

This plate of deep-fried fish skin tasted like crackers. One could eat it as is, or dipped in the broth provided. My niece love the broth, and drank it all up as the others decided to treat the dish as a snack without the dip.

The next was a cold dish relished by Teochews. This beautiful plate of pigs ear and trotters was as delicious as is pretty.

I didn’t know the restaurant served a mix of Teochew and Hokkien dishes and the order of this plate of cold crab ($36 and $38) was a nice surprise. The meat was succulent, the roe abundant – what good cold crabs should have.

My sister-in-law and my German niece and nephew love sweet and sour pork. This dish is a good test for the standard of a good Chinese restaurant, since the dish is so popular and ubiquitous. It passed the test with flying colours and we had a repeat order (2x$21).

We completed our meal for 12 with an order of steam live Pating fish ($58) and two plates of fried green vegetables ($28 and $24) and a huge plate of pig trotters bee hoon ($58).

I love the beehoon, coated with sticky collagen and fats from the pig’s trotters – sinful yet comforting.

With desserts at $1.80 each bowl, our total meal was $484.20. (The bill was rather vague as dishes were listed ambiguously as appetizers, pork, fish, etc. The above price listing is stated to the best of my knowledge (guess-work)). We thoroughly enjoyed our meal and would definitely return.


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