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Souvenirs: Treasure or Trash

Souvenirs are a must for travelers. We spent time haggling with street vendors from neighbouring countries, or picked one off from tourists’ shops hoping to give away or keep for own use. Yes, these are clutter I have no use of (unless … Continue reading

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My ‘Crossover’

It started when the Ulu Pandan Park Connector (PCN) opened its extension. Regular joggers are now given a choice to extend their runs beyond the one-way 2.4km route. We can either turned left to International Business Park (IBP) and run an … Continue reading

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Started Early, Took My Dog by Kate Atkinson

I am not a detective novel fan, preferring to read romance or family drama, but since I like this author, I thought I shall get out of my comfort zone (better do that more often) and give it a go. … Continue reading

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Aaron’s school is one of the top schools in Singapore. Students get in either through DSC (Direct School Admission) which is conducted mid-year, through tests and interviews for some, arts and sports for others, or through PSLE (Primary School Leaving Examinations) … Continue reading

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Fitting Hearing aids

At 87 years old, it is not surprising that Grandma is hard on hearing. I have been persuading her to get a hearing aid for many years but she refused, saying that her hearing was perfectly fine. Unlike losing your … Continue reading

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Tonny Restaurant – A lip-smacking review

Straits’ Times journalist Tan Hsueh Yun’s review of this restaurant was highly positive and I decided to bring my sister here for some sampling during her visit to Singapore in August. The restaurant, although situated in a shop house in … Continue reading

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‘Illusory Correlation’ or coincidence?

In my current Social Psychology class with Coursera, I learn about ‘Illusory Correlation’ – a perception of a relationship where none exists. People easily misperceive random events as confirming their beliefs (Crocker, 1981). This is a phenomenon which has happened … Continue reading

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Case Histories by Kate Atkinson

The joy of a reader when she discovers a new author to read is hard to fathom unless you are a reader. Much like discovering a new restaurant, or a new Korean drama, the first urge is to share and so … Continue reading

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By the time I heard about this concert over FM97.2, the tickets had already been selling for a few months. A quick check among my friends got a full attendance and all agreed for the lowest price tickets. I remember … Continue reading

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