Don’t Look Back : The Legend of Orpheus – Korean Review

The series on KBS ended last night and I was disappointed with the ending. But let’s not allow my disappointment to influence the review, for the whole 20-episode series had me glued to the TV every Monday and Tuesday night.

I don’t particularly like thrillers. I can never follow the twists and turns, but this story line was easier to follow and the biggest plus – the very handsome actors Kim Nam Gil and Ha Suk Jin.

The series begins with teenager Han Yi Su and his sister Yi Hyun moving into Jo Hae Woo‘s household as their father becomes the family chauffeur. Yi Su and Hae Woo falls in love. Hae Woo‘s grandfather is the owner of a hotel but he has a dark secret. He has stolen the identity of another person. In effect, he was the leader of a radical group involved in a historical massacre, and Yi Su‘s father was one of the torturers working under him.

Yi Su‘s father is murdered in an incident, and teenager Yi Su‘s determination to investigate his death leads him to his own death, where a truck rams him down in a horrific accident. He is rescued by a Japanese, although he is believed dead.

Present day – It’s Hae Woo‘s wedding day to classmate Joon Young and she meets Kim Jun, a man she finds strangely attractive. She meets this man again many times in her job as a public prosecutor (an unbelievable role where she runs around in ultra mini-skirts and shorts in her pursuit of justice). She soon learns that he is Yi Su and that he is back to take revenge for his father’s death.

Even as Yi Su learns that his father did not die innocently as he once thought, he is not about to turn back what he set out to do, that is, to bring down Hae Woo‘s grandfather and expose the truth. He tells himself there is no turning back – hence the title Don’t Look Back.

I knew the ending would not be favourable to Yi Su. He did after all kill someone, and Hae Woo would look bad if she leaves her husband – who is so kind and loving, for Yi Su. As expected, Yi Su is killed off, but the way he dies and the loose ends that were not tied up makes the ending abrupt and unsatisfactory. That I feel is the case for most Korean dramas I had watched. The built-up and the stories are often exciting but then the shows crash to a flat ending as they rush to the last episode.

Watch and see if you agree with me.


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One Response to Don’t Look Back : The Legend of Orpheus – Korean Review

  1. naeema says:

    You’re right! as most of Korean dramas -well at least the once I watched !- the ending was not satisfying ! but I always appreciate a good story and superb acting its why I continue watching Korean dramas!
    thanks for your reviews about Korean dramas.

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