Till death do us part…the criteria for a long-lasting marriage

I read this article in the tabloid section of weekend Zaobao and thought I will share it here. This is my translation from the Chinese article:

For those contemplating marriage, there are a few criteria one must have to avoid divorce in future. Simply said, if you find someone who expects more of himself than of you, your marriage should be a happy one.

If you think about it, couples who have long-lasting marriage are more than those who are divorced. The question is, is that long-lasting marriage a happy one? According to the writer, the number of  couples having long unhappy marriages approximately equals to those happily married.

To ensure a happy union, here are a few must-do considerations:

1) Marry someone you love. Marrying outside of love deprives the union of an emotional foundation which makes the marriage fragile.

2) Share common interests. Examples are the love of travelling, music, certain sports, or socializing with friends. This ensures there is ‘fun’ in the marriage.

3) There should be something you respect or admire about your spouse, that when in an event of a misunderstanding or quarrel, you may still think, ‘he/she is actually not too bad….’.

4) An even temperament. Marrying someone who is like a time-bomb, with an unpredictable temper, makes maintaining a stable marriage difficult.

5) Be tolerant and magnanimous. Learn to calm your own anger, and make what appears to be a large issue small, and a small issue a non-issue. To have a high expectation of your partner would only cause your own unhappiness and destroy the marriage.

6) Be forgetful. No one can tolerate another who is like a broken record, and constantly bringing up ‘old debts’. Forget about having a ‘perfect relationship’, or you risk having someone who is able to live a comfortable life with you.

Simply put, ask more of yourself than your partner in a marriage, and your marriage should be a long blissful one.

You can read the original Chinese version here: http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_498fd66f0102ecri.html





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One Response to Till death do us part…the criteria for a long-lasting marriage

  1. Ricky Lee says:

    Birth chart compatibility also equally important. Some marriages are karmic debts or lessons so it is normal to see the marriage broke up as according to life lesson plan.

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