Hansang Korean Restaurant and Market

My brother took my sons to this restaurant when I was away in Kuching in June and all of them raved about it. Knowing how much I love everything Korean, my brother brought my family to this restaurant again.

This is a huge restaurant occupying Turf City. As you enter, there is a mini play area with kiddy rides for children, and at the back, a small supermart selling Korean food. On the right is a large cavernous dining hall. Many families were tucking in to the buffet but we decided to  try the a la carte menu.

Our Filipino waiter was an affable, obliging chap, with a very good memory. He took down our orders without writing down and did not forget any. He gave our table an extra set of side dishes, which is a huge plus. Side dishes are as important in a Korean meal as the main fares, and for restaurants which ‘stinged’ on such, don’t expect any repeat visits from me.


In this case, the mostly vegetarian side dishes was a nice complement to our meals.

My sons wanted the kimchi stew pot (Yukge Jang) and bibimbab, both of which they had already tried the last time, so the two dishes must really be good.

Haesong2 Haesong3

For my 3-year-old nephew, my sis-in-law ordered Goon Mandoo, a Chinese fried dumpling which he didn’t like. Instead, he went for the slightly spicy Kimchi Jon (Kinchi pancake).


Mike was suffering from an upset stomach and claimed he couldn’t eat but he finished up a hot-pot of beef rib soup (Galbi Tang) which was lip-smacking delicious, the tender meat falling off the bones easily.

I was not hungry and decided to share the cold noodles (Mul Naengmyun) with my brother. The refreshing starch noodles in icy tangy broth was topped with radish and a few sliver of meat. I love it.

For all the food we ordered, the bill was about $178 including drinks, making it $25 for the seven of us, not counting the three-year-old.

For a restaurant that is known for its BBQ, the cooked food certainly was better than expected.


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