The Queen of Office – Korean Drama

I am glad KBS alternates between teeny idol drama with mature dramas so at least I have something to look forward to. This comedy was shown last few months ago but I only managed to watch it now due to my Coursera course.

This comedy is so funny I laughed out loud watching almost every episodes. My favourite actor Oh Ji Ho is for once the comic here, trading his hunky roles for a mop of curly hair and huge ego. The lovely Ms Kim Hye Soo proves to be a worthy match for him, or is it the other way around, both in height and wit.

I must credit Korean script writers for their varied themes, and this drama is all about contract workers, someone who is lowly paid, with no benefits or union protection, and is at the mercy of the company, which may terminate their contract anytime without valid reasons.

Ms Kim is an habitual contract worker, and would not extend her contract beyond the three months stipulated or hold a permanent position. She joins a food company, together with Juri, as contract workers in the Sales and Marketing department. Jang Gyujit is the head of the department. The permanent staffs make no qualm about looking down at the contract workers, the longest who has been there for five years without being offered a permanent position.

Like a robot, Ms Kim is strict about adhering to her time, 12 for lunch and 6 to go home. She doesn’t join in the company dinners and any job outside her stipulated job scope means she’ll charge for extra time. Yet, everyone tolerate her because like Superman, she comes in and solves everyone’s problem, whether is to model for tights in a homeshopping show, clip crabs in a supermarket, cashier, straighten hair, drive a bus, deliver babies…you name it, she has the license to get the job done and does perfectly. (The drama has all the sound track to accompany her accomplishment…Superman, Mission Impossible, even The X-Files.)

Jang is initially irritated by Ms Kim’s lack of flexibility and her indifference towards the rank and hierarchy in the company but he eventually falls in love with her. They discover a shared history and the reason he is a workaholic and she a contract worker.

The drama is funny because both the actor and actress really gets into the comic roles without any hesitation even when they look really silly. (Oh Ji Ho appeared first with a curly mop of hair, and then to demonstrate a hair straightener for a TV show, has his hair flattened into a straight geeky look. )

I really enjoyed the show and I am sure you will too!


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