Panda and Hedgehog – Korean Drama

With my heavy workload from Coursera, I am surprised at myself for having finished 16 episodes of this ‘idol drama’. Idol dramas are coined because the actors in the dramas are teen idols, in his case, the male lead is from Super Junior, a fact I wouldn’t have known if not for the summary from my cable TV.

The first episode lured me in. A drama about patisseries and cakes? Who can resist when the stars are the macaroons and fancifully decorated cakes with exotic French names.

Panda owns a café left to her by her parents but it is helmed by a fake patisserie. She meets loan shark cum patisserie Ko Seung-Ji, nicked name Hedgehog, not knowing that he is her childhood friend Min Woo whom she had been searching for. They fall in love. Seung Ji lost his memory at 11 and was in jail. While in jail, he learned baking from a famous patisserie, who subsequently took him in to work in his modest bakery. Grandpa is actually Min Woo’s maternal grandfather who have been searching for his daughter and grandson for years.

Another childhood friend Choi Won-Il returns from US and is now president of the famous St Honour cake shop. Unknown to them, Won-Ii’s stepfather is Min Woo’s father whose malign nature saw him send his wife to prison for 20 years in place of him. He changed his name to Choi Jae-Gyum, married Won Ii’s mother and took over Won Ii’s father’s cake shop.

Seung Ji’s goal is to work in St Honour, which he was humiliated and kicked out when he went to apply for a job. Together with Won Ii, would he succeed in kicking out his father and returning to St Honour?

The likeable characters in this drama, who except for the Min Woo’s father, Choi Jae-Gyum, are all as sweet as the cakes. Even the love rivalry between Seung Ji and Won Ii is quickly resolved and they become good friends. Like Panda says about Seung Ji when she becomes suspicious of his background, and is true about the other characters as well, how can such delicious cakes be made by someone who is bad?

Be warned though, one can get hungry for cakes by watching this drama. Well, I did.




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