Miracle in Cell No 7 – Movie Review

This is a Korean movie that had received rave review. My friend Bee and I watched it on Wednesday. If you have not seen it, go watch.

This drama, both a comedy and tearjerker, have all the ingredients of a good movie – touching story line, great cast, funny dialogues.

Lee Yong Gu, a mentally-impaired father dotes on his six-year-old daughter Ye Sung. He tries to buy a Sailor Moon schoolbag for her, but a freak accident happened in his presence. A little girl died and he was accused of sexual molestation and murder. The dead little girl is the daughter of the police commissioner and Lee was forced into a false confession and sentenced to death.

In the prison, in cell number 7, his honest and compassionate personality win over his five cell mates and the warden. The cell mates smuggle Ye Sung, now staying in an orphanage, into the cell as a favour for Lee when the orphanage came to perform for the prisoners. The scene with the little girl in the cell of ‘bad men’ was so funny. The cell mates attempt to smuggle her out was unsuccessful and they were caught by the warden.

Touched by the love between father and daughter, the warden, who lost his own son adopts Ye Sung. Lee was sentenced to death, a scene which sent the whole cinema sobbing (yes, you can hear the sniffings).

An adult Ye Sung, now a lawyer, reopens the case and successfully clear her father’s name posthumous with the help of his cell mates and warden.

Really the best movie I’ve seen in a long while.



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