Bayridge Sdn Bhd @ Damai Central, Kuching

We were in Kuching during the June holidays in Kuching and stayed at Damai Resort. On our first night there, a Saturday, we chanced upon this Chinese restaurant and decided to try out despite the relatively empty cavernous hall at 6pm. We were shown outside to the verandah, where a few tables were occupied. While the view of the setting sun was spectacular, we wanted somewhere cool and so went inside.

The manager was friendly and we asked for his recommendation. Since there were only three of us, there weren’t much for us to sample. He highly recommended their crab and we agreed. I wanted to try the wild fern called Midin, something I may have tasted in Taiwan. Unfortunately, oyster omelet was not available and the reason given was that they were short-handed. Mike explained that oysters need to be shucked individually. We didn’t want fish, and so settled for deer meat.

SAM_0932 [mike] SAM_0934 [mike] SAM_0935 [mike] SAM_0936 [mike]

The food did not disappoint. Midin is a popular dish in Kuching and this was the only time we ate it, as the other times at other restaurants, the dish was sold out. The slimy veggie was cooked in sambal balanchan and the crunch is like that of kangkong.

The deer meat was so so but the ‘kum heong’ crab was indeed delicious, coated in salty egg yolk and curry leaf, the crab shell was not as hard as those Sri Lanka crabs we get in Singapore. The meat was firm and the roe was an unexpected surprise.

The Manager, Mr Patrick Lee, came by to chat. He told us the restaurant is part of Lok Ting’ Group, and was popular for hosting large functions like wedding and corporate banquets. When I asked him why it was so empty on a Saturday, he explained that most tables are reserved for later, as we were early. He is from KL and his teenage kids were helping out as waiters.  The friendly man than offered us a complimentary plate of cut fruits.

Overall, our first meal in Kuching was a delight and we were disappointed that the restaurant was closed when we visited it again on our last night in Kuching.


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