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Sarawak in June: Damai Beach Resort

This sprawling resort is situated at Damai Beach, hence the name. It is located about 45minutes from the airport and the resort charged us one way RM120 for airport pick up, an exorbitant fare, but Michael felt it was safer. No, the hotel did not … Continue reading

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Sarawak in June: Damai

Since we were staying in Damai and not in Kuching, we decided that it was a good opportunity to explore Damai and the kampungs around, something different from Singapore. As we were by the sea, we rented a boat to view the Irrawaddy dolphins … Continue reading

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Sarawak in June: Kuching

As part of my dream to see UNESCO World Heritage sites for the rest of my vacation years, we transited at Kuching, the capital of Sarawak and the gateway to Mulu Caves for International travelers. Kuching is a small city, reminiscent of Singapore in … Continue reading

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Last night, while watching the news in bed, out of the corner of my eyes, something black was slowly approaching my face. Without a second hesitation, I screamed and jumped out of bed. I have an irrational fear of cockroaches. I find … Continue reading

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Hansang Korean Restaurant and Market

My brother took my sons to this restaurant when I was away in Kuching in June and all of them raved about it. Knowing how much I love everything Korean, my brother brought my family to this restaurant again. This is a … Continue reading

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The Queen of Office – Korean Drama

I am glad KBS alternates between teeny idol drama with mature dramas so at least I have something to look forward to. This comedy was shown last few months ago but I only managed to watch it now due to my Coursera … Continue reading

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To The Light House by Virginia Woolf

First, let me credit Coursera’s The Fiction of Relationship six-week programme with Brown University for making me read books and authors that I would never ever read. This course had a really heavy workload and thus I am stopping at Module One. (Module … Continue reading

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