Colour of Women – Korean Drama

Colour of Women is a 20 episode romantic comedy that offers nothing new to the fans of romantic comedy. There is no impressive line, nor heart touching moment, and it isn’t all that funny as well. But, thanks to the charismatic leads, the drama manages to hold my attention to the end.

Sora is a nerdy professor with a million dollar patent that cosmetic companies would pay for. However, she is let off from the university and finds work in her best friend Chan Jin’s company in the marketing department. Chan Jin secretly harbours a crush on Sora but Sora is still nursing the hurt from being rejected by her first love Joo Soo ten years ago when they were university mates.

Joo Soo has since returned from US and is now the General Manager of his father’s cosmetic company, Laura. He meets Sora at the company and pursues her, explaining why he had left her alone at the hotel ten years ago. Coincidentally, Chan Jin is brought up by Joo Soo’s father from young and is offered shares of the company. This leads Joo Soo to resent Chan Jin, plus he is also jealous of the easy-going relationship between Sora and Chan Jin.

Meanwhile, Sora’s vain and silly roommate Jin Joo manages to get herself employed as Joo Soo’s secretary. She is a money digger and tries to win Joo Soo over from Sora. I really cannot understand how two men can fight over this supposedly ugly bespectacled  woman often dressed in bagger’s coat and ignore the pretty Jin Joo.

So, this quadrangle relationship between the four men and women comes miscommunications, misunderstandings and numerous reconciliations between friends and lovers.  Most are shallow misunderstandings and nothing to really grip the viewers.

In the middle episodes, there was a chance that the couples might switch and I was intrigued by this turn of event. Would the script writer dare to make this unexpected ending?

Well, you watch and see.

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