Ad Genius Lee Tae-baek – Korean Drama

This is a typical romantic comedy ubiquitous to many Korean dramas : rich girl who falls for poor boy who is intelligent but rash. To keep them apart, there is her rich father who disapproves of him, her eligible boss, and his cunning ex-flame.

Sounds familiar right? So to differentiate this drama from all the rest of the romcoms that have flooded prime time TV in recent years, the setting is very important.

This drama is set in the exciting and vibrant world of advertising. Lee Tae-baek works for a company that hangs advertising banner and meets Geum San AD intern Baek Ji Yoon. He wants to break into the advertising world and between him and Ji Yoon, they manage to come up with many winning ads that should secure his position in the advertising world, but unfortunately, luck is against him. So he decides to seek the mentorship of an Ad Guru Director Ma. The small ad company is constantly up against the giant Geum San AD who is later acquired by conglomerate BK.

Tae-baek has a grudge against BK as they had taken away his home. Unknown to him, Ji Yoon is the daughter of BK’s boss. President Baek wants her to marry the eligible Addie Kang. Personally, I can’t understand why she can’t see how attractive Addie Kang is. He’s rich, handsome, intelligent and capable, a better choice, compare to Tae-baek.

The drama shows many interesting aspects of advertising and marketing, and that alone makes the drama interesting. Jin Goo as Tae-baek is believable as the optimistic young man, but Park Ha Sun as Ji Yoon comes across as stiff.

To conclude, I enjoy it.




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