The Innocent Man – Korean Drama

I was busy during the period when this drama was shown on KBS and recorded it for later viewing, which I only just completed.

Having watched this immediately after Sungkyunkwan Scandal, I was delighted to recognize Song Joong Ki as the main lead, minus the cheeky grin he often displayed in Sungkyunkwan Scandal.

The Innocent Man is not an appropriate title, at least when compared to The Nice Man, the other title of the drama. I prefer The Stupid Man.

Kang Ma-ru is a medical student. He takes in a young girl who is not his sister and raised her (from what income source? I am unsure.) He is also in love with his neighbor, Han Jae-hee, a TV reporter. Han Jae Hee was investigating a case when she accidentally killed someone. Maru agreed to take the blame, expelled from medical school and was sent to jail. Upon his release, he discovered that Jae Hee has married a rich man  and become step mother to his adult daughter, Seo Eun-gi, and she also bore him a son.

Seo Eun-gi has been brought up by her father to be like a man, emotionless. She meets Maru, who saved her during a an aeroplane incident when she was struck with an illness. He comes to her rescue in many other ways and she falls for him, until she finds out that the relationship between her despised stepmother and he. In an unthinkable and unfathomable act, she drives head on into his car in a tunnel, and he didn’t duck, and they both sustain sever head injury.

Jae Hee mean while inherited the business from her husband and tries to prevent the step daughter from returning.

This melodrama is written by the same script writer who wrote A love to Kill. The two dramas share the same silly, over the kill plot that I find too unrealistic to be credible.

I only finished the drama because of the two leads, and I feel they saved the show.




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