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Irrationally Yours

I’ve just completed my second course with Coursera on Behavioural Economics. When I chanced upon the course A Beginner’s Guide to Irrational Behaviour (by University of Duke’s Dan Ariely) on Coursera’s website, I wasn’t prepared on taking up an additional course but the … Continue reading

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The Kindness of Singaporeans

Singa, the courtesy mascot I grew up with was reported to have thrown in the towel. In his opinion, Singaporeans are never going to be courteous, kind or gracious. I would have agreed with him if not for the stories I’ve … Continue reading

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Fei Yu Qing Live in Singapore 2013 费玉清 2013 个人演唱会

I had a lovely time last night. A friend treated me to this Mother’s Day concert. In my Coursera Course on Behavioural economics, I was taught that an ideal gift is one that takes away ‘the pain of paying’ for … Continue reading

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The Aviator’s Wife by Melanie Benjamin

I read the excerpt of the first chapter in an issue of Good Housekeeping and love it. It was a typical love story of a ‘prince’ and a common girl. I had to wait patiently for a few months for the … Continue reading

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Glass Anatomy The Musical – Review

1980’s Taiwanese movie Papa Can you Hear Me Sing was one of my favourite Chinese movies when I was in school. The musical movie, a rare treat in those days, was a hit for many reasons. The  sob story made the audience cried, … Continue reading

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Ad Genius Lee Tae-baek – Korean Drama

This is a typical romantic comedy ubiquitous to many Korean dramas : rich girl who falls for poor boy who is intelligent but rash. To keep them apart, there is her rich father who disapproves of him, her eligible boss, and … Continue reading

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The Innocent Man – Korean Drama

I was busy during the period when this drama was shown on KBS and recorded it for later viewing, which I only just completed. Having watched this immediately after Sungkyunkwan Scandal, I was delighted to recognize Song Joong Ki as the … Continue reading

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