How to age brilliantly – from O Magazine

I was waiting at the dentist yesterday, reading about the last episode of The Bachelor when a couple walked in and talked rather loudly with the ladies at the reception. I could feel the man’s eye on me as he walked past, before I jolted myself – Who would look at an almost 50 year old woman without make-up? In my younger days, there were many occasions when I experienced the admiring glances of passing men, and was approached a few times by strangers for drinks and dates. But I was never rattled by it, until yesterday. It’s been some time since….

In the May 2013 issue of Oprah, we are reminded that there is absolutely nothing one can do to halt the passage of time. But, there are 27 ways I can make sure I keep blossoming into an ever-better me – wiser, sexier, more resilient…Here’s some I agree with:

1. Stay in Touch – Old friends give each other not only unconditional love, but a portal back into a previous way of being in the world. Old friends allow us to become ourselves of younger days, to recapture some of our unalloyed joy and spontaneity.

2. Let it go – Regret is poisonous. Ditch it.

3. Focus on the big picture – Instead of worrying about getting older and whether we are athletic or pretty or thin as we used to be, we can focus on leading a brilliant life that will be remembered.  Make an impact. It means that even as you get older, the universe will someday be a little bit better because you’ve lived in it.

4. Stand and sit up straight – Poor posture actually accelerates the aging process by lowering lung capacity, interferes with digestion and put abnormal pressure on the spine.

5. Connect – By joining social media like Facebook and Twitter. Social media won’t make you young, but letting the world leave you behind is what makes you old.

6. Make peace with your aging parents – helping your parents in their final years is the last chance you get to do anything about the baggage you have with them.

7. Don’t assume you’ve missed the boat – a future where everything is, if not possible at least worth a try. Cynicism makes you old. Wonder Curiosity and unbridled joy keep you young.

8. Have sex – keep making deposits in the love banks so you don’t run out of currency – which in this case is romance and inclination as much as it is mobility and agility.

9. Imagine the possibilities and chart a course towards your future – whether you decide to go this way or that.

10. Hang out with younger women…and older women.

11. Let the music play – golden oldies can make you feel brand new.

12. Pass on what you’ve learned.

Hope you found these tips useful.





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