I Give It A Year – Movie Review

This British movie had quite a good review in the local papers and Bee and I decided we should catch it.

This movie is not your exactly your usual romcom or chick-flick. But it was an enjoyable evening with laugh-out-loud scenes so funny I literally had stitches from the funny scenes. Rather than to resort to slap-sticks, British humour has a different class. The part where the extended family play charades provides lots of entertainment.

Josh, a writer meets Nat, a high-flying advertising executive. They marry after seven months, blinded by the love, even though people around them predicted they won’t last a year – hence the title.

The first year of a marriage is the hardest for any couple as they have to get accustomed to their partners’ living quirks. Predictably, Nat is annoyed by Josh’s sloppiness – not bringing out the trash when it’s full, living the toilet seat up and not flushing, using up the toilet roll, etc. It does not help that Josh works from home, with no real income while she climbs the corporate ladder.

Josh gets re-acquainted with an old flame, who had left for Africa for humanitarian work for four years and learns that they are still carrying a torch for each other. Meanwhile, Nat meets an American entrepreneur, Guy, who fancies her and she pretends to be single in order to clinch the account by doing some harmless flirting. She gets increasingly irritated with her husband’s behavior but is advised by her sister that this is normal, while getting more attracted by Guy, her kind of man. Josh and Nat then try to set Guy up with Josh’s old flame, but becomes increasing jealous as they see the new couple getting along well.

The couple decides to seek counseling, and the counselor is another psycho case with her own angst, but she provided lots of laugh for the audience. She advices the couple to try to meet the one year mark.

I didn’t like the ending, which was abrupt and too neat, and left an odd taste in the mouth for conservative Asian audience like me, where I hope the institution of marriage is still respected and cherishes and not so flippantly discarded.

Still, most parts of the movie had left me in stitches and for that, it’s a movie well worth my time.





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