Yoga for Water @ Marina Barrage

Yoga For Water

Yoga For Water

My friend E texted me on Thursday for this event that was held two days later. At only $5 for Passion Card member, we were not about to miss this even if there was no goodie bags given. Okay, I am a sucker for goodie bags. I love the samples given inside, even if most of the discount vouchers and coupons are never used. I love mass events for the camaraderie and generally, it’s fun.

The event was in conjunction with Water Day. Aaron was also participating as part of his school Founder’s Day. The whole Marina Barrage was filled with people with three stages of events happening at the same time. It’s no wonder sometimes a huge roar could be heard from the school group from where we were, the yoga group.

The goodie bags were fabulous. What a waste for those who had decided to forgo the event. We were given a cotton tee (yeepee, not a dry fit polyester), an umbrella, a bottle of new water, a shower timer and an assortment of samples.

The instructors were from Pure Yoga. There were three demonstrators in front and various instructors were mingling around the participants to correct the postures. There would be two sessions, with the first session starting at 8.30 for about 45 minutes and a second session at 9.35am.

The first session was easy enough. We were taken through various breathing exercises as a warm up, then through a series of sun salutations. There were some new poses that I hadn’t tried before. The pumping lizard was taxing but fun. Some of the poses were held for a long period, and I could feel my muscle straining.

This was the second time I did yoga outdoor and the first time really under the sky, without a tent. As we stretched, we were told to look up at the beautiful sky, and it was a beautiful azure sky that morning. The breeze on my face was welcoming in the heat but I really felt in touch with nature.

The second session was on standing balance and the instructor took us through a series of warrior poses. By now, the sun was really burning and I think that was the reason the session was cut to just 30 mins. We were burning in the heat.

E and I agreed that this event was simply worth the time and money. We thoroughly enjoyed the morning workout and look forward to more of these events. Thank you to the organizer for staging this.



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