Shape Fitness Fiesta 2013

Taichi to cool down

Taichi to cool down

I woke up this morning with a full body ache. The weights on my arms made brushing teeth worse than doing pull-ups, not that I’ve done pull ups recently. My legs needed a few stretch every once in a while to lengthen tired muscles. This somewhat feel-good feelings are the results of yesterday 1.5 hours work out.

Shape Magazine, in addition to the annual Shape Runs and various Yoga events, organized for the first time Shape Fitness Fiesta. The programs looked easy enough. Half and hour of Latin dance, followed by half-hour of Body Combat, before finishing with half-hour body balance, with a five-minute water break in between each segment.

I had never tried any of these exercises and decided it’s a good opportunity to experience all three in one morning. E, my ever faithful mass event partner agreed to come along, even though she, being a member of True Yoga, could easily try out any of these at her club. (I am blessed to have various friends to call upon to accompany me for various events, whether it’s movie, concert, mass exercise, religious talks or parenting talks, etc.)

Yesterday was a hot day. The event was held at Gillman Barracks, in front of a beautiful Colonial building. Our guide were two instructors from Pure Yoga, both FT from Philippines. The first item, a Latin dance, was similar to Zumba, with some variation of dance steps. The 320 women gathered there could easily followed the steps. I suspect most already had prior experience, like E and I.

By the end of the 30 minutes dance, all of us were drenched in sweat. The sun at 8am was particularly hot. Although we were told to bring our own water bottles, bottles of C-100 vitamin drinks were given out. Still, I wished there were ice-cold drink station available.

The next item was body combat, incorporating various martial arts moves like Taekwando and boxing. May, the friendly instructor urged us to put in more power to our moves instead of just swinging our arms. I know my boxing moves looks more like knocking on doors. I try to think like a boxer but my arms are not cooperative. If I was not wet before, my t-shirt was literally dripping.

Half way, many women gave up and preferred to sit in the shade to watch. May, looking like a boxer in an actual ring, hopped and skipped while boxing into thin air. It sounds easy describing it but boxing into thin air is harder than it looks.

We were glad to slow down for the body balance. It would have been better if we had mats, but since we didn’t, May took us through various yoga and taichi moves. I am familiar with warrior series and I thought May’s instruction was of a higher quality than my two yoga instructors. She corrected our posture as she demonstrated, reminding us not to slouch as we go through the poses. I must admit Pure Yoga have got really good instructors, who made the event really fun.

Our workout ended around 9.30am. Tired and sweaty, I was nevertheless happy about burning off some calories. We left the place with our goodie bags filled with samples, a satisfaction indescribable and for me, a new experience to add into my memory bank.

So, would I continue these sports now that I had a taste of it? I am seriously considering doing Zumba and am already doing yoga. But E and I agree that body combat strained the knees, although my arms had a wonderful workout. I would probably give body combat a miss, as I am still nursing a case of plantar fasciitis which got worse after yesterday.

(With the small, mostly women crowd at that, I was disappointed that many women did not dispose of their trash responsibly. Empty bottles lined up the kerb, when bins were available. Come on, these ladies who littered, shame on you. You should have known better.)


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