Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant

Bee and I were supposed to meet for a book talk at the Art House but the event was cancelled in the last minute and since we were already in town, we headed to Raffles City for dinner. It was a celebratory dinner of sort, for Bee’s new job.

Even though it was a Tuesday night, the dinner crowd was huge.

Watami Restaurant had a queue number seating. I was early and took a number. Despite sitting there for about 10 minutes, no one came out to the lobby to seat me. Only when another lady arrived did a staff come out to show her in, leaving me waving my ticket in protest.

Bee and I decided to try the $69 (before ++) set dinner for two. The set included a half Caesar Salad with a perfect poached egg on top. Although half, the portion was large enough as two appetizers.


The next appetizer was the Sashimi Mori, a good value dish for this set as you can see from the photo.

The selection of hot appetizers are good value too which includes clam soup, and we selected Hotate Butter yaki (scallops) which was delicious.

Butter Scallops

Butter Scallops

The main dishes can be selected from a list of 6 dishes and we opted for a hot stone rice set Ishiyaki Tsutamina Don and a hotpot Butechige Nabe, which tasted very similar to kimchi stew, with Korean rice cake, kimchi, slices of belly pork and cocktail sausages mixed with instant noodle. Additional rice or udon is included for free.

Hot stone rice

Hot stone rice

Kimchi hotpot

Kimchi hotpot

Drinks are included and Bee chose Milk Tea while I chose Ice Jasmine Tea. However, regular Japanese hot tea are also served free if sets are not ordered.

Dessert are not included but are half-priced if we order the set. We selected the Mocha Parfait, a glass of corn flakes topped with mocha ice cream, whipped cream and red beans.

For $85.20 for two, I thought it was a great meal and too much for both of us (although initially I thought it was too little as I was starving that night.) The restaurant was full, proving that it’s popular and I can understand why.


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