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Have a little faith by Mitch Albom

Why would I, a non-believer (as I have been described by a friend) read this book about faith? Well, for the reason that I have read all Mitch Albom’s book; and also perhaps to learn why believers have faith and I … Continue reading

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My new course with Coursera

My Grandma calls me often to talk about news she has read in the newspapers. It’s not every time we agree with what’s in the news. Politics is one which we don’t share the same view but mostly, the talk … Continue reading

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Immortal Masterpiece – Korean Drama

I have trouble remembering the title of the show, as for the umpteen time, I cannot associate the theme of this cooking show to a masterpiece, much less an immortal masterpiece. A check through the internet tells me that the buzz … Continue reading

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Yoga for Water @ Marina Barrage

My friend E texted me on Thursday for this event that was held two days later. At only $5 for Passion Card member, we were not about to miss this even if there was no goodie bags given. Okay, I … Continue reading

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Introduction to Philosophy with Coursera

My eldest son, Andreas, had a hard time deciding on a course of study. He has a diploma on Engineering with Business with Singapore Polytechnic and I had assumed this diploma would ease him into a degree in Engineering or a Business degree. Instead, … Continue reading

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Shape Fitness Fiesta 2013

I woke up this morning with a full body ache. The weights on my arms made brushing teeth worse than doing pull-ups, not that I’ve done pull ups recently. My legs needed a few stretch every once in a while … Continue reading

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Raising kids without any sense of entitlement

My sister called from Germany to tell me this story. She was in the bathroom preparing for bed when her almost 11-year-old daughter yelled for her. She halted lathering her creams and went to her daughter’s room to see what … Continue reading

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