Ice Adonis – Korean Drama

The drama is still showing over Channel U and has gathered a loyal following on week nights at 7pm. I caught the show on and off and as the 108 episodes (depending on which channel you watched on, in my case TVN) tailed, my friend taught me to download an apps and watched on my new Notes II when my impatience got to me.

Adonis, in Greek mythology, is the god of beauty and desire. In this drama, it was probably referring to Yu Ra, the step-sister of Yun Hwa who is so jealous of her that she would do anything, including murder, to get what she wants.

The story starts with Yun Hwa’s mother marrying Yu Ra’s father, a judge. Yu Ra carries a torch for her boss Yun Jae and is dismayed to find his love interest to be her step sister Yun Hwa.

Yu Ra devises a plan to make Yun Hwa a company spy at their cosmetic company. When Yun Hwa manages to get the proof that she is not the one, Yu Ra panics and killed Yun Jae’s sister Yun Xi in a car accident and runs off. She returns to see Yun Hwa at the accident scene and accuses her of killing Yun Xi, getting her father to bribe the police officer Park to destroy any evidence found at the scene. Yun Hwa’s mother tries to intervene with proof but is almost killed and becomes comatose.

And so, Yun Hwa is sent off to jail for five years and Yu Ra marries Yun Jae, who is so distraught at the death of his sister he blames Yun Hwa.

In jail, Yun Hwa discovers that she is already pregnant with Yun Jae’s son. She pulls through her stay in jail with the birth of her son, Tai Yang and the support of an anonymous sender of postcards to her, Zoba. Her son is then placed at an orphanage.

Meanwhile, Yu Ra realizes that she is infertile. Her relationship with Yun Jae is cordial and he immerses himself in his work. She is the marketing manager in the company and hopes to make Yun Jae the CEO with shares from her grandmother. Yun Hwa’s appearance spoils her plan. Yun Hwa joins J Cosmetic when she wins the make-up contest. She is heart-broken when she learns that her son has been adopted to UK and killed in a fire. She wants to clear her name and she meets Kang Wook, who falls in love with her and vows to support her in clearing her name.

The initial part of the drama was quite frustrating to watch. Nothing seems to go right for Yun Hwa. There is no balance in justice but this was corrected in subsequent episodes. The various plans that Yu Ra tries to sabotage Yun Hwa almost always backfires and she is caught red-handed. But Yu Ra is not one to give up. Her thick-skinned character would continue to plot and even when her husband turns against her, she continues to try to gain his sympathy.

Yun Hwa did not really plan for revenge, just to clear her name and to try to find the real killer of Yun Xi. Unlike her mentor Julia, who is back in Korea from US to revenge Kang Wook’s mother and regain her place as owner of J-Cosmetics.

The pace actually picks up with the release of Yun Hwa from prison. So if you have the patience to watch until then, you would be addicted as well. Alas, the ending was not my desired good-ending, but no spoilerl here.



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6 Responses to Ice Adonis – Korean Drama

  1. cypflorence says:

    Hi! Thanks for following me. I’m following you too, but I NEVER get your posts on my email. I wonder why……

  2. Girlee Andaya says:

    Hi from what link i can watch full episode of Ice Adonis? I really love the story but i can watch it full episode.. Thanks

  3. Aaa says:

    Does yu ra learns lessons….does she produce child as she wants
    She should really learn lesson

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