A Gentleman’s Dignity – Korean Drama

This comedy introduces me to the famous Jang Dong-gun, who was cast in the Chinese version of movie Dangerous Liaisons. His name was often thrown up in the various dramas I had watched, as someone extremely good-looking, and it was the case here too when his character was likened to his real self.

Four middle-aged men, aged 40 and friends since high school have been buddy through thick and thin. They play baseball together, drink together, and support each other through relationship break ups. widowhood, near divorce, career and lodging.

Kim Do Jin and Im Tae San are partners in an architect firm. Choi Yoon, the nerd in high school is a lawyer and a widower. They all leased their properties from playboy Lee Jung Rok‘s rich and older wife. The love lives of the four men forms the main part of the whole drama.

Kim Do Jin meets high school teacher Seo Yi Soo. She has a crush on her golfer roommate’s boyfriend Tae San but eventually falls for Do Jin. Their romance is threatened when the first love of the four men turned up. He then found out that he is the father of a 19-year-old son of the woman, who had migrated to Japan and married an American man. What was incredulous was that the four men didn’t know who the father was initially. Does that mean that the woman actually slept with all four of them?

Im Tae San is the only son and brother of 24 year old Im Me Ri. His family hope for him to be married but his golfer girlfriend Hong Se Ra does not want to be married. Their romance is often threatened by her free spirit and promiscuity.

Choi Yoon is a widower still carrying a torch for his late wife. Me Ri has a crush on him but her brother Tae San does not approve of their relationship due to his widowhood and their 17-year age gap.

Lee Jung Rok owns a pub and café and flirts around. His much older wife feels insecure and often threatens divorce. They are unsuccessful with trying for a child and when she eventually decides to leave the marriage for real, he fights for her.

The fun part was watching the men’s relationship blossoms. (These mini parts was compiled into a special episode called the Prologue.)

It’s rare to see a drama depicting friendship between men, especially Korean men who are rather chauvinistic. Yet, this drama leaves no stone uncovered. We see how they got to know each other in high school through a fight. The three men showed up to see Tae San off to the army, his embarrassment at being surrounded by other army boys being sent off by their girl friends. The friends were there to support Choi Yun at his wife’s funeral. Their hilarious antics during various junctures of their lives, like going to camp and packing only liquors.

Yes, middle-aged men can have fun as well. After all, their career have taken off well and they grew to become the middle-aged men they had once despised as young men, bullying with their wealth and authority.

All four men have their attractiveness but I must gush about Jang Dong Gun. When he stares into the camera and blinks his large eyes, I think all the women watching TV swoon as well. Definitely a show meant for Ajummas like me.

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