The Making of a Good Husband

Last Saturday, Journalist Richard Lim, in his column on 60something, explained why he is single. In his opinion, he would not have made a dependable husband and a protective father as there were some things that he is inept at. He listed a few which when I read through, I realized I must have married a good husband as Mike could do all these and probably more that are not on this list. My tasks may now be to train my sons to be good husband potential to assure them of being marriageable.

1) Opening a Chivas Regal bottle. I didn’t know one needs skill to open a Chivas Regal bottle but I do know some men do not know how to uncork a wine bottle. Now that more and more wine bottles come in screw caps, is it still relevant?

2) Fear of cockroaches. This is important. Mike used to be afraid too but he had no choice but to concur his fear and smack the fellow with a rubber slipper with all his might when one appears, as all the other members in the household scream and hide. The boys have a lot to work on in this area, especially Aaron.

3) Poor sense of direction. If you can read a map, I don’t think that is a huge problem. If a man can’t read a map, he won’t get a girl’s respect.

4) DIY Man. I am a DIY woman who used to fix my own bookcase as a child without supervision. So I was very happy to marry a man who could take over the tasks. Mike can fix anything – Sister’s baby pram, neighbour’s discarded lawn mower, Mom’s handbag, our shoes, IKEA’s furniture and many more. He is familiar with the drill, saw, hammer and what I thought were men’s toys until I found out my friends’ husbands didn’t know how to use these tools and my friends were the ones using these tools and putting up DIY furniture.

Actually, some may find his self-measurement list rather dated. After all, with GPS, one doesn’t need to read map and you can pay people for DIY jobs. (The cockroach issue may be tricky though.)

Women nowadays may pooh-pooh this list. If you watch China match-making show 非诚勿扰, where 24 women vie for the hand of one eligible man, you would shake your head in disbelief as more often than not, the men walk away dejected, as they get rejected for their looks, heights, occupations, salary, and other lack ofs.

But for me, this list gives the man a mark of masculinity to be a husband and father, something I hope my sons would be good at, married or not.




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