Ohlala Couple – Korean Drama

The comedy brings together veteran actress Kim Jeong-Eun (famous for the Lovers and Lovers in Paris role) and actor Shin Hyun Joon (Bridal Mask and Stairways to Heaven). It was a delight watching them for their chemistry sparkles.

Na Yeo-Ok and Ko Soo-Nam were unrequited lovers during Joseon Dynasty who was brought back together by the God of Love in this century. Thirteen years ago, Na Yeo Ok was jilted by first love Jang Hyun-Woo, who had left her, mistakenly thinking that he was dying from a terminal cancer. While on the beach considering suicide, she saved Ko Soo Nam from drowning and married him.

They now have a thirteen year old son. Yeo Ok is a housewife being treated like a maid by everyone at home, including a mother-in-law and a divorced sister-in-law. When she discovers that Soo Nam is having an affair with his colleague Victoria, she divorces him but they meet with an accident on the road after the divorce and their souls are switched. They wake up in the hospital in each other’s body and through this experience, Soo Nam, in Yeo Ok’s body, realizes how much Yeo Ok has contributed to the family.

These few episodes, in which the souls are switched, was hilarious. We see Yeo Ok behaving in a masculine way and Soo Nam, his tall built, acting all demure and feminine. Credits must go to the two leads for this. The couple tries all ways to revert to their body, including knocking into trees and having sex. Nothing works but a pregnancy results. To add to the confusion, Yeo Ok’s first love returns and works in the same hotel as the couple. He tries to win Yeo Ok back, not knowing that it’s actually Soo Nam in there.

The couple eventually return to their body, go through a series of misfortunes like liver transplant before ending up together.

I enjoy watching the drama because of the excellent portrayal of Soo Nam by Shin Hyun Joon. The audience’s initial detest of the character Soo Nam turns to amusement and then to sympathy as he realizes he may lose Yeo Ok.

The supporting cast also provided enough entertainment to keep the pace bouncing along.


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