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Five Activities of the Mind

I have just embarked on an online Philosophy course with University of Edinburgh.(What was I thinking when I signed up?) One of the content we need to study is all about the mind. In my yoga, meditation and Buddhist practice, … Continue reading

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Ohlala Couple – Korean Drama

The comedy brings together veteran actress Kim Jeong-Eun (famous for the Lovers and Lovers in Paris role) and actor Shin Hyun Joon (Bridal Mask and Stairways to Heaven). It was a delight watching them for their chemistry sparkles. Na Yeo-Ok … Continue reading

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Cloud Altas – Movie Review

I was at Ajahn Brahm’s talk last Thursday night and he was speaking about Life Beyond Death. According to him, Buddhists believe in reincarnation because they are able to recall their past lives through meditation or hypnosis. These are well … Continue reading

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Zumba! -First lesson

I start this new year by telling myself I want to learn something new every year, try something unfamiliar, or do something I have never done before. I want my life to be filled before I get too old to … Continue reading

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A Little Wisdom that makes a Huge Difference by Ajahn Brahm

As I was about to take a nap yesterday afternoon so that I won’t fall asleep during Ajahn Brahm’s talk last night, a friend called me. He is undergoing marriage counseling and I have been giving the couple support. It’s … Continue reading

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The Six Types of Singaporeans

In a news article recently published on the subject of Happiness, Singapore style, I learned that from a survey of 1500 people, Singaporeans can be grouped into six clusters based on their values and lifestyles. The article then asked, which … Continue reading

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Les Miserables – Movie review

My sister-in-law said my brother was sobbing at the movie. My son Ivan insisted he didn’t cry, although he mentioned that people around him were crying during the show. I like a movie that can either make me cry or … Continue reading

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