I do I do – Korean Drama

This drama is still showing in Singapore’s Channel U but the number of commercials during the airings was irritating. My friend May was so kind to lend me her DVD despite not having finished with it.

Kim Sun Ah is my favourite Korean actress but her recent dramas have been rather disappointing. I skipped watching Scent of a Woman as it was too draggy. Thus I had high hope for this.

This drama is about a workaholic Ji Ann, a celebrity shoe designer who is slated to become the President of the shoe company she works for. At 37, she neglects her parents and love life to pursue her passion. (The largest room in her apartment is for her shoes.) One night, in a drunken stupor, she meets 27 year old fake shoe seller Park Tae Kang and they have a one night stand. In the mean time, to please her parents, Ji An goes on a blind date with Gynae Jo Eun Sung, a confirmed bachelor who is attracted to Ji An.

Meanwhile, Park Tae Kang wins a shoe design competition and joins Ji An’s company. Ji An discovers that she is pregnant and Park Tae Kang assumes the Doctor is the father. Despite knowing this, Park pursues Ji An when she declares that she is going to be a single mother.

Would she choose to abort the baby to get the President’s post? Would Park learn that the baby is his? In the competition for the President’s seat is the lovely illegitimate daughter of the chairman, who will not hesitate to backstab to get what she wants, and Ji An’s pregnancy provides the perfect excuse of getting rid of her.

This drama tries to persuade the viewers that single mothers can contribute to society by combining career and motherhood. However, the fact that Ji An’s falls for Park, the father of her baby shows that single unmarried mothers are still frowned upon in paternalistic Asian society and one is better off doing thing in the proper sequence.

In my opinion, the drama could have finished in 10 episodes, but in order to drag to 16 episodes, many unnecessary fringe scenes were added that dragged the show and slowed the pace.

Kim Sun Ah’s frequent collaborations with younger actors is also rather dated. The dramas that she really shone in are those that she had acted with leading men her age (City Hall, Greatest Love). Here in I Do I Do, she appeared bored. The men were just not man enough for her.

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