Lavelle’s Bistro @ Fairbanks

When we first arrived last night to Fairbanks at Springfield Suites by Marriott last night, we had a choice of either walking 5 mins in -30F cold to a Thai restaurant, or to eat at the bistro in the hotel. Our understanding of bistro is cold food (like sandwiches) which wasn’t very attractive. So we opted for the Thai restaurant.

Tonight, Mike did not want Chinese delivery. After seeing the hotel video that Lavelle’s Bistro is the best restaurant in Fairbanks, he decided to eat there.

This is a full fledge restaurant, renowned for its wide selection of wines. Knowing that the portion here is huge ( from last night’s Thai restaurant), I decided to refrain from ordering and just pinch from my companions.

We decided to pick from the day’s specials instead of from the menu. The mains included a salad or a soup. Mike decided on the Angus Prime Ribs and a Caesar salad. Aaron wanted the Chef’s Pasta and soup. The soup of the day was tomato and basil. We couldn’t not order the baked oysters.

We were served flat bread and butter while waiting for our order. It would have been nicer if the bread was warm (like at Bukit Timah Guild House).

The soup ($4.95) came in a small cup. The tomato flavour was nicely complimented by the basil. I prefer a more tangy taste, but am satisfied that it wasn’t too creamy. The free Caesar salad was enough to be shared among the three of us. It could be a main meal in Singapore.

The baked oyster (6 for $14.95) was covered in cheese and herbs and was too ‘gelat’ for me.


Aaron’s pasta was his favourite fettuccine with seafood. It was a huge portion, enough for two if ordered in Singapore.


Mike’s prime rib reminded me of Lawrey’s, except it was one inch thick. Although he wanted medium done, I felt the doneness was more a rare. The meat was accompanied by boiled vegetables and baked potato. He really enjoyed the prime rib, a steal at ($32.95).


It was lucky I didn’t order any mains, so that left some room for dessert. A Czech lady we met today was gushing about the brownie she had in Fairbanks and I wanted to try too. The Brownie Bundt cake was served with three generous scoops of ice cream drizzled with caramel, chocolate and strawberry syrup each. The cake was encased in hard chocolate shell. The inside chocolate was warm and rich. The menu said of their desserts : The sensations cannot be described, they can only be experienced.


We enjoyed our meal so much we decided to come back again when we return from Chena Hotspring on Friday.

For all that good food, we spent about $100 with tips – A reasonable price when compared to Singapore dining of similar standard.

I must add that the service was impeccable. Our ice water was topped up very quickly by a nice young man even though he was not our waiter.

The bistro had a casual feel, even though it was dimly lit. The place was packed and Mike commented that we saw more people here than what we saw the whole day. How about that!


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