Matchmaker Lover – Korean Drama

This was a rerun from 2008 that just ended on KBS. I can’t believe I missed it. The light romantic comedy is thoroughly enjoyable as it is helmed by three adorable leads; comprising a love triangle between a nerdy law student, a silly matchmaker and a serious divorce lawyer. They are supported by a large cast of likable characters. My idea of a good romantic comedy is one which allows you to laugh through episode one to sixteen, and not be subjected by terminal diseases, scheming villains or domineering parents so ubiquitous in Korean dramas. While the script is predictable, it makes no apologies that this is meant to be light and a feel good show where suspense is out-of-place here.

Lee Kang Hyun was a popular matchmaker until she was sued for matching a lady with a married man. Her boyfriend of five years, the super cute Yin Kyung Hwan (how boyishly different Park Ki Woong looks here compared to as the Japanese Villain in recent Bridal Mask) breaks up with her at the same time. She forces her way into being employed by Final Love, a matchmaking agency for divorced people. She meets handsome divorced lawyer Park Hyun Soo (played by dishy Kim Ji Hoon) and through a series of misunderstandings , they fall in love.

Their love journey is relatively easy, as even the disapproval from Lee Kang Hyun’s parents towards the divorced Park is short-lived. The reappearance of Lee’s ex-boyfriend and Park’s ex-wife created some inconveniences but these nice people withdrew gracefully without causing the couple any hurt.

The drama is enjoyable as Kim Min Hee plays Lee Kang Hyun with such natural disposition that Kim may be Lee herself. The love birds are a delight to watch, as they exchange lovey dovey looks, steal kisses in between work (they are work place neighbours) and are by far the most convincing couple I have seen.

Through the drama, the script writers try to imbue the message that ex-spouse can maintain as great friends, and also how when a single become a part of a couple, she should not lose herself.

As Lee finds out: Love can be beautiful as a pair but the same could be said for singles. You miss out the details when you are too close to someone. But when you’re alone, it becomes very apparent. We need love in our lives, but at times, we need time alone. And thus, Park grants Lee a month off to grow; and she in turns grants him a week off.

Okay, the plot may not be that great. I admit I watch just to ogle at Kim Ji Hoon.





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2 Responses to Matchmaker Lover – Korean Drama

  1. Filebook says:

    Haven’t heard of this korean drama before. Looks interesting to watch. I’ll give it a try. Thanks for recommending this series. I’m looking for a new k-series to watch again. Glad I found this.

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