Dream V – Emotions by Temasek Polytechnic

Last Friday, my friend P, who works in Temasek Polytechic (TP) invited me to this ‘musical’. I had initially declined because I really did not want to drive to the other side of the island during peak hours to attend a school concert but she was persistent. So, I gave in, all for the reason of spending time with P.

P assured me that I would enjoy the show, as previous productions of Dream was well received. This year, the scale was smaller but would be no less spectacular.

I thought I was attending a musical and was disappointed that there was no program booklet to at least gave me a hint of the synopsis. As the show progress, I realised this was no musical, but a concert showcasing the performing arts talents of TP.

The concert started off with a rock band fronted by many singers and a few guitarists. The singers took turns to belt out solo but they were often drowned out by the too-loud accompaniment. Still, this band was obviously popular as wolf whistles and loud cheers applauded their every repertoires.

The concert was cleverly held together by the various themes which make up human emotions. Anger, fear, joy were portrayed effectively by the Indian and Malay cultural dance troupes. The same Indian dancers then gave us a modern Indian dance, ala Bollywood, again to loud cheers from the supportive audience.

I was impressed by a threesome who sang Hallelujah, they were great soloist individually, with crystal clear voices.

P was eagerly awaiting the Dance Ensemble. The large modern dance group certainly took the temperature up a notch with their combination of American street dancing, break dancing and popular Korean synchronised moves.

School concert must be equally represented racially and culturally. So, there was the Chinese Orchestra giving a rather dull rendition of 那些年, the theme song from movie You Are the Apple of My Eye, their single performance that night.

In contrast, the Chinese drums troupe was a joy to watch. The drummers, in their red costumes and headbands drummed up the atmosphere with their enthusiasm and precision. Great job guys.

The other percussion group was Fusion, whose members used all sorts of metallic containers to create rhythmic sounds. This is now common in many schools and there was nothing exciting about it, but I was still surprised to find it rather melodious as well, not an easy feat to do.

The roughly one and a half hour concert successfully showcased the talented performing arts scene in TP, something probably not many are aware of.

Thank you P for an enjoyable evening.

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One Response to Dream V – Emotions by Temasek Polytechnic

  1. pearlyting says:

    You are most welcome, bud. Thank you for the wonderful review. I am glad you enjoyed the evening! 🙂

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