Lawry’s The Prime Rib – A Review

The last time I visited Lawry’s, they were still at Paragon. Now, they are located opposite from their old place, in the swanky Mandarin Gallery. Bee knows I love my beef and decided to give me a birthday treat there.

The service was impeccable. I was shown to our table for two. Our very pretty waitress asked in her Indian accented English if I prefer warm or cold water. Bee was already studying hard on her menu. She couldn’t decide between the UK Kurobuta Black Ribs or the Australian Rack of Lamb. I told her to go for the lamb, because I want to try as well.

For myself I ordered the Singapore cut of USDA Prime Rib, which weighs 130g.

‘Are you sure it’s enough?’ Bee asked. She knows me as a big eater.

I stuck to my order as my gum was still sore from the dentist visit earlier on. We topped up our order with soup, tea/coffee and dessert for an extra cost.

Dining at Lawry’s is like watching a stage show which the staff performed with great enthusiasm. Our Indian waitress returned and demonstrated their Famous Original Spinning Bowl Salad. As she spun the metal bowl of salad on a bed of ice, she lifted herself up and down as she poured the dressing over the spinning bowl. Then she served us on chilled plates and chilled forks. The salad, consisting of crisp romaine and iceberg lettuce, watercress, shredded beets, chopped eggs and croutons was recommended to be eaten with a dash of flavoured pepper.

The next dish was our order of soup. Both of us decided on the Minestrone instead of Cream of Mushroom, the other choice. The soup, served in a dish, was so shallow our spoon could hardly scoop up any liquid.

It wasn’t the best I’ve tasted but passable. The mini barquette would have been perfect for the soup but we had already eaten it since it was the first thing they served.

As the soup dishes were cleared, the chef pushed a giant trolley over and asked for my preferred cut. It was my mistake when I ordered medium rare, as I thought it would be served on a hot plate. The meat was very rare and served accompanied by Idaho Mashed Potatoes, STIR FRIED BROCOLLI, CREAMED CORN, BUTTERED PEAS and CREAMED SPINACH (pardon the caps, copied from the online menu) and topped with gravy. This is accompanied by a pan of Yorkshire Pudding to mop up the gravy.

In contrast, my companion’s order of lamb rack was served without fanfare.

I took a piece of Bee’s lamb. It was tender and juicy, although slightly more gamey than what I would have preferred.

My beef was a torture to chew as I could only chew from one side. Still, I can’t complaint since I asked for the ‘rare’. A little more cooked would have just been perfect. I found the spinach a little too ‘gelat’. The best was the pea which I finished up. For once, there were uneaten food on my plate. The Yorkshire Pudding was something different and I would prefer it more fluffy. This tasted more like crust.

Dessert was a delight. Our Strawberry English Trifle was light and tart to match the sweetness. Our waitress brought a box of Gryphon Artisan Tea and encouraged to smell the different fragrant before selecting. Both of us chose the white teas. Bee chose the White Gingerlily while I took Nymph of the Nile, a pleasant fragrant light colour tea.

While we were enjoying our dessert, the staff surprised me with a birthday song and candled trifle. I would have been embarrassed but there were a few birthday songs sung before my turn. The wonderful lunch ended with a framed photo taken by the staff.

A delightful afternoon, thanks to Lawry’s and my dear friend, Bee.

A nice birthday surprise!

Yorkshire Pudding

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